Written by Ian

9 May 2006

Well here goes with more of what happened after we had got that first amazing fuck out of the way.

We lay in each others arms, both feeling guilty as hell, Lesley even had a bit of a cry, then wiped her eyes and said right then, we`ve done it now, and it was fantastic, lets go upstairs. I watched as she wriggled out of her skirt, boobs jiggling invitingly as she wiggled herself out of it. She turned and headed upstairs, I followed meekly, hypnotised by her swaying hips and gently wobbling bum.

In our bedroom she got on her knees and sucked my rampant cock for what seemed like ages, I had never been so hard again so soon after sex for years, this was something else.

She got up turned around and presented her arse to me. I kissed both cheeks, pulled them apart and ran my tongue along the length of her pussy and bum hole. Sh sighed deeply pushed herself towards me and I pushed my cock deeop into her from behind in one fluid movement. She grunted and then buried her head in a pillow as I fucked her slowly but firmly.

As she started to get breathless with passion, and started pushing back against me, I speeded up, ramming my meat into her eager well fucked pussy. I pulled her hips toward me and forced myself deep into her and held my cock inside her as I spent my spunk for the second time deep into her womb, as she yelped like a puppy, and told me how great it was to be fucked by me. I felt fantastic, here I was fucking a very sexy woman and she was telling me it was great.

Time was moving on so we had to get dressed and get ready for our families coming home. I won`t bore you with all the feelings I had when my wife came home, i just tried to be normal.

Next day I got a text from Lesley to meet her in the car park at a local beauty spot. Of course I went. As soon as I got there she got out of her car dressed in a mini skirt and bikini top. She grabbed my hand and led me a little way into the woods. She leaned back against a tree and lifted her skirt to show me she had no Knickers on and her puffy lips were protruding from her little tuft of hair. I put my hand on her mound and slipped a finger into her dripping pussy. She writhed and kissed me on the lips, our tongues searching for each other as I fingered her to orgasm. She leaned back against the tree again and opened her legs for me to fuck her standing up. She was going wild as I ploughed into her. As I was about to cum she told me to stop and look over my shoulder. There stood a guy about 22 years old open mouthed and watching us. She got onto her knees and sucked me right in front of this guy. who came a little closer and started to wank. As Imy spunk started to rise she removed my cock from her mouth and let my spunk fly over her face and hair, as she made mmmm mmmmm noises and fingered her pussy to orgasm. WOW what a girl she was absolutely wild with lust and even allowed the other guy to wank over her as well. We got chatting to the guy as we straightened ourselves up, and took his phone number......what happened in the next couple of weeks really amazed.but thats another story.