Written by Dave and Caroline

6 Oct 2007

Hi Dave and Carol here with more of what happened on


To cut a long story short we were out one night and Caz was wearing a dress she brought during the day,the dress was white.backless and finished about three inches above the knee,it was made of a satin type material but felt really soft to touch.Caz also had on tan hold ups,high heels and a small white transparent g-string,although the dress was not see through you could could see the line of the g-string as the dress was very clingy but she still wore it anyway.

After a couple of drinks we went to a night club which was quite crowded and had florescent lights it was then that i noticed the florescent lights had made Carol's dress slightly see through.You could see her nipples slightly but not too obvious but because her g-string was white you could see it clearly,Caz went to the loo and removed the g-string but you could not tell she had no knickers on when she came back.

We had a few dances and i couldn't keep my hands of her as her body felt incredible under the dress,but after the dances we sat on two stools near the bar.

I went to the loo and when i returned Carol was standing up chatting to some young lad.His name was Carl and he was out on holiday with some rugby friends but had got separated from them during the night and could not find them.Carl was only twenty and looked very muscular with a broad chest(he looked like he worked out at the gym),him and carol were flirting with each other and i also saw him feeling Carols bum when i was at the bar.

Carl asked Carol for a dance they disappeared onto the crowded dance floor,after five minutes about three slow records were played in a row and they had still not returned,my cock was rock hard thinking what they might be doing but i could not see them,eventualy they returned and Carl went to the loo and get some more drinks and Caz told me what happened.

Caz said when the slow records came on Carl pulled her close and she had her arms around his neck,he had one arm on her waist and the other was on her back.He started kissing her and as he did he slid the hand that was on her back down and onto her bum inside the dress(remember the dress was backless)his other hand moved up and started feeling her breast on the outside of the dress.Caz broke off from the kiss and looked around but as no one seemed to be taking any notice of them she let him carry on.Caz said she could feel herself getting wet and her nipples were hard as he played with them outside her dress.Carl got more bolder now and started whispering in her ear that he wanted to fuck her,Caz moaned and gripped him tighter she could feel his cock pressing against her and it felt massive.He was saying all sorts of dirty things to her but this just turned caz on more and more,Caz put her hands in between them both and gave his cock a little squeeze and said lets get back to Dave.I was rock hard hearing all this and kissed Caz and put my hand up her dress and her pussy was soking wet.

Carl returned with the drinks and for the next two hours him and Caz flirted and danced and every time they danced he kept feeing her up and talked dirty to her,Caz told me she could feel her cum running down her legs on to her hold ups.

We decided to move on to a different bar and Carl Came too,they walked in front of me and Carl could not keep his hands off her bum,as we walked along caz grabed carl's hand a pulled him down a side road to the back of a bar.Behind the bar was beach with a few seats and tables but no one was around.Caz pulled her dress off over her head and was naked apart from her high heels and hold ups which i could see were wet at the top from her cum,Caz then sat on the edge of the table and opened her legs and i could see her pussy glistening from the moonlight.

Carl looked at me and i nodded to show my aproval,he walked up to Caz and went to kneel down to lick caz out but she grabbed his head and pulled him up and said i'm wet enough just fuck me.Carl took off his t-shirt you could see he was muscular and had a six back stomach,Caz loved his body and licked and kissrd his chest,bodyand and nipples he then pulled his shorts down,his cock looked about seven inches long but the girth looked massive and he was only semi erect.Caz reached down to stroke it hard and her fingers still never reached around it because it was so thick.His cock just seemed to be getting thicker and thicker as Caz stroked it,Caz looked at me and said I'm going to enjoy babe as she got it fully erect.

Carl moved foward and put his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in and her pussy it streched opened to take it.he was pushing it in slowly inch by inch till he was half way up her then he pulled back and pushed forward again,each time he pushed back in he would push an extra inch more until he was in ball deep.Carl started fucking her slowly and caz whisped fuck i'm cumming and arched her back as she cum,this spurred carl on who started to speed up his pace,then he slowed a little so each time he pulled back his cock would come right out then he would push it right back in again.

Caz was lost by now and was having one orgasm after another,his cock was slick with juices and he speed up the pace again and srarted calling Caz all sorts of names like cum slut,slag,bich and whore(which Caz was loving) as he streched and pounded her pussy hard.Caz had her arms aroung his neck and then put her legs around his waist trying to pull him in even more,Carl put his arms under her legs and stood up so he was fucking caz standing up,she still had her arms around his nek and her legs wrapped around his waist as Carl kept lifting her and dropping her down onto his cock.Caz was loving this and i knew she was still cumming because the squelching noise her pussy was making every time he pushed his big cock up her,he was still calling her names like slut,whore etc,etc,but this just turned caz on more.I had

my own cock out at this stage which was rock hard as i wanked it.Then Carl put her back down on the table and started fucking her fast as caz was leaning right back on the table arching her back every time she cum.Carl then said he was going to cum and Caz screamed yes oh fuck yes fill me with you cum you bastard fill me and make me pegnant(she knows i love It when she talks like that),Then carl tensed up and said here talk it you dirty slut and groaned as he emptyed his fertile spunk inside her Caz arched her back and cum again as he filled her with his spunk as he done this caz said i can feel your hot cum filling me oh god yes yes fill me fill me yes yes yes her words trailed off as she came again.Carl never pulled out and turned to me and said give me her knickers i asked why he said i'm a heavy cummer and theres loads up here i handed them to him he looked at them and said fuck me they wont keep much back.Caz somehow managed to get them on without losing any cum but i could see it coming out and her G-sting trying to holing it back.

Caz came over to me and started sucking my cock but i was so turned on i cam in about thirty seconds and Caz gave an approving moan as i filled her mouth.

We got dressed and returned to the front of the bar and all three of us went in to the bar which was empty exept for the barman but he always went into the back room when he wasn't seving us.Me and Carl were sitting side by side with Caz sitting in front of us and she kept open her legs showing her spunk filled pussy to us.Carl leaned forwards and stroked her tits on the outside of the dress and they became rock hard,straining against the thin fabric,he then pulled the dress down so her tits were out and he licked then as his hand stroked the front of her cum filled hole,she pulled her top back up but kept flashing her pussy and sometime releasing a tit as she piched her nipples.After thirty minutes of this and drinking Carl said i'm fucking hard again now u dirty slut,Caz giggled and said lets do something about it then and took him outside she told me to stay put.i knew she was going out back to fuck him again so i just waited and had another drink all the time i had a hard on thinking about Carl fucking Caz out the back.

Caz retuned about twenty minutes later but not with Carl on her own saying carl had gone back to his hotel.The barman was now behind the bar waiting to see if Caz wanted a drink,she looked at me and said Carl filled me up again babe look and lifted her dress up right there in the middle of the empty bar there was spunk everywhere in her pussy on the front of her g-sting and on the tops of her legs,the barman was looking too opened mouthed,Caz pulled down her dress and we ran out the bar like a couple of giggling school kids.

When we were outsise i pulled Caz back down to where the tables where i pushed her back on the table and started licking her pussy,there was loads of cum down there and every time i had a mouthful of it i would pull Caz's g-sting back over her pussy to stop the cum escaping and kiss her transfering the cum fom my mouth to hers,i kept doing this until her pussy was clean i then stood up got my cock out and started fucking her until i came again.

On the walk back to our hotel Caz said its a shame we don't know where Carl is staying as she would liked to have fucked him again i replied yes and all his rugby mates too Caz smiled and said oh yea that too,Caz is a dirty bitch but at least she is my dirty bitch.