Written by Bright Tiger

16 May 2006

This story is really in 2 parts and happened a few years ago - I was working away from home during the week and I knew that my wife was finding it hard as she was looking after our young children.

When I came home at weekends, it was usually charged with sexual tension – I knew she had been missing me and I certainly knew that my wrist was sore with exercise!!

Because we had children, anything out of the “norm” was always difficult and we often talked about how we could spice our life up a little.

During the time I was working away, we got a new next door neighbour – a local divorced business man who appeared to have a harem of women at his house every weekend – I would look with envy at the pretty women leaving “quietly” on a Sunday morning after a night out on the town.

Needless to say, we were polite neighbours and introduced ourselves etc and over a period of weeks began to become quite good friends. It soon became apparent that our neighbour had twigged about me being away during the week as my wife would often say he had been round during the evening “for a chat” – I had no reason to be suspicious nor doubt that my wife was being unfaithful but I have to say, the thought of it was beginning to turn me on. When I came home at weekends, I would ask probing questions just to see what/if she was going to let anything slip about anything that might have happened.

Then one weekend when I came home, my wife announced that we had been invited out on the Saturday night with the neighbour to go to the local disco and my wife had arranged a babysitter to stay over the night at our house. It was all set – I night out on the town and I didn’t know what was going to happen!

On Saturday evening, we got ready and I noted that my wife was going that little bit extra with her preparations. Taking time to put her makeup on, choosing her sassy underwear and my favourite 2 piece skirt & top. She always looked stunning in that and it made me always want to have her.

The evening at the disco itself was not very eventful other than we had a lot to drink (my wife does not drink much and soon gets tiddly) and she spent a lot of time on the dance floor with, yes you’ve guessed it, the neighbour. I wasn’t jealous but curious where this was leading to…….

At the end of the night, a group of us piled into a couple of taxis and went back to our neighbours’ house – there were 9 of us, 5 women and 4 men. When we got back, we went into the neighbours’ house and sat down to have a few more drinks. It was all very socialable and eventually we decided that it was time to turn in for the night. It was at this point that we realised that we had not brought our house key and to wake the babysitter up at 3:30 in the morning was not the best of ideas!

Our neighbour insisted that we stay for the rest of the night but I was rapidly realising that there was a distinct shortage of beds. We said we would sleep on the settee but our neighbour said he had a King-size bed and my wife and I could share it with him.

I expected my wife to complain, but she said that would be alright – after all, I was with her!

We went up into his bedroom and in the dark, undressed to our underwear and got into bed. My wife was in the middle, and me and the neighbour on each side of her. After a bit of what seemed like an absolute age of awkwardness, we started to relax and I put my arm around my wife.

Imagine my surprise when I realised that my neighbour was in there already! I realised that his hand was slowly creeping up her thigh and stroking the inside of her leg. She gently moved his hand and quietly said “no”. He was not going to give up easily – his hand was slowly making his way back up to her crotch. Several times she gently tried to push him away and I heard him ask her to let him. By this time I was really getting horny – An almost stranger was trying it on with my wife in front of me and I was willing to let him!

I guess because of the drink, caution went out of the window and I whispered to my wife why didn’t she let him? She said something about not upsetting me, but I reassured her that I was ok with it. We spoke some more and she eventually realised I meant it!

She relaxed and our neighbour sensed it – I could feel him moving his hand up her thighs again. I decided to make my wife feel more relaxed by joining in – I leant over and cupped my hand over her bra covered breasts, playing with her nipples through the material, slowly playing with her, I slid my hand under the bra material and played with her nipples directly.

I could tell by their erectness that my wife was getting very excited. We both played with her for a while in our own way and I was getting bored with only touching her breasts – I wanted to undo her bra but thought she would not me to do that so I slowly moved my hand down to her knickers.

Once again the neighbour was already there on the scene – he was just starting to slide his fingers under her pants and make his way to her slit. Gently he pulled her knickers aside so that he had unrestricted access to her juicy lips. I slowly followed his fingers with mine and together we played with my wife’s most private area – he slowly inserted his finger into her very wet slit and started to masturbate her. I tweaked on her erect clit and I could sense she was beginning to relax and really enjoy it all – together we were playing with her and she was enjoying it.

I am not sure why, but she suddenly tensed up and put her hand on ours – I thought that this was going to be our signal she wanted us to stop. I was wrong, she joined in too! Her fingers and ours were all over her wet pussy and I was getting a real horn on.

My neighbour whispered something into her ear – I knew he was asking her to let him take her. She replied quietly, no. I knew that she was worried about being unfaithful to me so in her other ear I whispered “it’s ok, I don’t mind, I would love to watch” I could sense she was teetering on the brink of saying yes. I stroked her pussy some more in encouragement and I could tell my neighbour was gagging to ride her. Again he asked her gently and she again politely refused. I was so horny and I was willing her to say yes.

“No sorry, I can’t” she said to us both, I don’t mind finishing what we’ve started but not that. I think it was probably that she wasn’t on the pill and was scared of getting pregnant. I had a condom in my trousers pocket but she didn’t know that and anyway – we would probably need two!

The sense of disappointment was immense but I didn’t want her to let her know that. I respected her decision but I now was left with a huge erection and nothing to do with it. We both continued to play with her some more – my neighbour unclipped her bra and started to kiss her nipples. By now I had my fingers well placed and giving her clit some serious attention.

We played for what seemed like ages until I could tell by her breathing she was going to come. She started to moan gently and her hips were meeting the thrusts of my fingers. Our neighbour was kissing and fondling her breasts like it was going out of fashion. I was amazed at my wife’s ability to say no to our advances as she was really aroused.

Suddenly she climaxed and let out a stifled moan, she tensed all over as her orgasm rippled through her body and eventually she relaxed – I was left with her sticky cum juice all over my fingers which I licked off in my eager mouth. Our neighbour slowly to stroke her body gently all over, running his hands over her breasts, around her neck, down her body to her fanny and thighs. My wife let out a low sigh – almost like a purr! She was definitely content at this time.

Tiredness and the drink actually took over from the passion, and I was surprised that our neighbour was content to let her sleep. We all snuggled close together in the middle of the bed and fell asleep.

I said at the beginning it was a 2 part story – I will post the second half when I have finished writing it……!