Written by gemstar

4 Dec 2006

About 3 months ago I read an article in the news of the world about men who like to watch their wives have sex with other men.

I'm a lady of a certain standing in the village and have only ever had one lover, John my husband of 29 years.

I can't believe that this article got me going so much, but I can't deny that I began to fantasise about other men when John made love to me on the weekend.

We live in Kent and my family are from Durham, when we got an invite to a family wedding we accepted and booked an hotel close to.

We drove the length of the country and made ourselves at home in our room. John went downstairs for a drink while I readied myself for the reception.

When John returned I was ready and we walked to the lift, to our pleasant surprise an old schoolfriend of mine, Barry, got into the lift with his wife, Penny, she was a little redhead, we had never met and didn't look to pleased when I kissed him on the cheek.

We walked into the room handed over the presents to the blushing bride, found a table and the boys went to get some drinks.

Talking to Penny was like pulling teeth, an atmosphere was beginning to spoil the evening, Barry was talking to a lady in a doorway when Penny exploded, she got her bag and rushed over, she called Barry all the names under the sun the told him to F*** off!

The room went quiet and then she left, I felt sorry for Barry who has a lot of charm but was obviously embarrassed.

A few hours later Barry was sitting with us and telling me that Penny was a very angry and jealous woman and that he would be on the floor tonight in his room.

I bade my farewells and told John not to be late, I got to my room and stripped, took off my make-up and put on my nightie. Now I am a person of culture but I do like my bedsocks, MY feet are always cold.

It must have been 2 in the morning when I was wakened by a tap at the door, when opened, John was being supported by Barry.

'He's drunk'

'Bring him in'

'He just collapsed'

Barry helped me undress John, leaving him in his underwear. Barry pulled out the settee bed and lay John face down with his hans touching the floor.

It was when I noticed Barry looking as we bent down that I realised he could see my breasts. He the said that John had said that it would be alright if he slept on the settee as Penny had refused to open the door, he then said that now John had been put their he understood that was now impossible.

I was flushed with drink and bravado, I offered him my bed. I laughed and said he would have to keep his clothes on. He smiled, he told me he was a gentleman, this was crazy and exciting.

I lay their in the dark a foot from another man, I could hear John snoring loudly, it must have been a hour later when I felt Barry touch me, he put his hand on my backside, I faked a snore, he stroked me lightly, I snored again, he raised my nightie slightly, I was now finding it hard to breathe.

My bare backside was now being stroked, a finger reached under and tried to prise my legs apart, unsuccessfully.

I turned onto my front, and snored. My legs were now apart a little, the finger returned and found what it was looking for. My snores became more moan-like, the figer entered me slowly, my legs opening enough for another. It was at this point I felt his penis touch my leg, he pushed it onto my outer thigh.

Ireached with my right hand and encompassed the girth, this was so much thicker than my husbands. I stroked the length and this in time with the fingers slowly sroking my inner labia. I felt him start to tense, I stopped, I didn't want a bed full of sperm, I reached down and removed my sock and covered the mans penis then began an increasing pace until the whole thing went totaly sloid and the jerked several times, his grunts were gutteral but contained.

His hand left my crotch and the I felt him move down and begin licking my buttock cheeks, he then raised my hips and a started putting his tongue in my vagina, but also bringing it out to touch my anus, this was all new to me, the orgasm began near my toes, it then, like electricity, made my whole body shake violently, I groaned and collapsed onto the bed.

We hadn't spoke and eventually we slept, in the morning Barry had left before John or I had woke.

John apologised for getting in such a state, I told him not to be silly, it had been a lovely evening.

I picked up my sock from the side of the bed, it was heavy and damp. I felt as if a door had opened to a whole new world.

And that's how I found this wonderful website, I have to get John to accidently find it too, then anything is possible, just make it seem it is his idea.

Thanks for reading, hope you are as damp as me.