Written by Lynne & Tim

3 Jan 2005

My wife Lynne and myself tim are both aged 39 years and both slim build. Lynne is size 14 with a good figure long brunette hair and a lovely pair of 36cc breasts.

We have always had an active sex life and enjoy the pleasures of fantasy sex whilst we make love. I have always has a fantasy about Lynne dressing up really sexy with nice silk white undies on and to pull a bloke and tease him and then mastrubate him.

I always like to see lynne wearing a nice white slip under her skirts, she has a whole srawer full and knows how much it turns me on when she flashes her slip in public so that other men notice.

For a long time we have talked about it and roll played in private but i was then shocked when Lynne agreed to try and pull a bloke from work at her xmas party and attempt to get him home so that i could hide and see her wanking him of.

Her works always does a employee only party ar Xmas and this year was to be different to any other for us.

She had asked me to chose the underwear that she would wear and she knows this would make me horny as hell! and it did. I chose a white suspender belt with a nice lacy trim, a black pair of pattern stockings, white French Knickers, and a white camisole top. all were in nice silky Nylon with loads of lacy trims. I chose a knee legnth white silky slip with a 10 inch split bourdered in lace, it shone in the light as she placed it on her.

She chose a three quarter legnth silk split dress that wrapped about her held at the waste only by a belt. as she placed it on her it glimmered against the room lights and as she sat down the dress gapped open to reveil her silky white slip underneath.

She told me that a bloke called Alan was her target as he had always been eyeing her up in the office and making suggestive comments to her. He did not have a partner and Lynne thought that he would be up for it.

At 7pm Lynne went off in a taxi telling methat she would texy me just before she was about to come home, this would give me about 10 minutes to hide in the linnen cupboard in the hall that had an old vent grill from out old warm air heat that gave me a good view into our bed room.

Lynne had told me that she would tell Alan that i was away for the night that would make it easy for them to return to our house. I was as hard as hell that whole evening the anticipation of what was hopefully going to happen.

At 1am in the morning i reveived atext from Lynne telling me she had pulled and to get ready. Off i went into the airing cupboard my cock bulging beneath my shorts. About 10 minutes later i heard the door to the house open and vioces , i recognised Lynnes and heard her say calm down it will be worth it, so i had images of him trying to get her dress of that sent me wild.

I heard Lynne saying "now you know how far i will go dont you" and another voice saing " Yes im as horny as hell for you i cany keep it an too muck longer".

I heard the footsteps on the stairs and the Bedroom light goes on, as i peer through the grill i can see Alan and Lynne together and they were snogging and i could see Alans hand pulling the Dress open and fondling Lynnes white slip. He appeared very excited as Lynne said " Get on the bed and pull your boxers down im going to give you the touch of silk" At this Alan got on the bed and pulled his trousers and boxers down exposing his throbbing penis.Lynne removed her slip and massaged the helmet of his cock slowly, i could hear his groaning as she did this, she was saying things like" Well you are a big boy" her rubbing of his cock getting faster and faster suddely he jurked and i could tell he was filling the silky slip with hot spunk. His face told me that he was totally satisfied. Lynne bundled the spunk filled slip on the bed and they went down stairs. Lynne managed to get him to go with some excuse and came upstairs.

I opened the door to my hiding place and started to grope her to which she led me to the bed and insisted that i lay on the bed and she use the spunk filled slip on my cock so i could add my cum to Alans.

This i did and was soon filling her silky cum filled slip with my own.

We are keen to hear from other couples who use slips in their love making as we would like to meet a like minded couple so that the adventure can continue>>>>>>>