Written by Curly Sue

18 Oct 2017

I have always loved to crossdress since i was a teenager , but it was always only solo , but over the last year i have been getting my rocks off dressing has a school girl , pig tail wig , blouse white bra , black pleated sports skirt , white panties , stay up stockings and black shoes , i put in my but plug and when im ready i ride my back pussy with a black dildo , i wank into my hand and rub it in my face like ive been used .

A few weeks ago , i was at home late sunday afternoon , neighbours were away so i had a few whiskeys and got ready for a night of solo gratification, all dressed up then i got the shock of my life , next door had the builders in and one of the lads “ Jerry “ knocked on my door asking could he leave some of his equipment in my drive , there i was dressed in my skool girl uniform , i didnt know what to do he could see me , i went upstairs and put a dressing gown on , then i went down and answered the door , i said no problem leaving stuff in my drive , he asked me if i was going to a fancy dress party , i mumbled that the party was cancelled , he asked could he have a look at my uniform , this was the 1st time anyone had seen me dressed up , it was turning me on Jerry was a strapping middle aged man , all muscles and tattoos , he asked could he come in , i said ok and then took off my dressing gown , he said you look very pretty , he wasnt stupid he knew it wasnt a cheap one size fits all uniform , he asked could he touch the material , i said yes i could smell his manliness , he said are u a good skool girl or bad , i said i can be bad , he asked could he use my toilet , he was gone about 5 mins , he was rubbing his crotch he said if your bad come he and knee in front of me , i did as my master said , he undid his jeans and out popped a good thick 7” cock , he said suck me you slut , i did what i was told and he fucked my mouth slowly i was loving it , he said i havent got long i want to fuck you , yes please , my arse is always ready because of my but plugs , he told me to take my panties off and get in the doggie position, a little bit of spit and a gentle push and he was fucking me and spanking me , he was calling me his slut , he said he was going to cum i said on my face , he whipped it out and wanked like mad , then a grunt and a splash hit my nose , i opened my mouth but the next splash hit my cheek , he pushed his cock into my mouth and said clean me up , which i did . He cleaned himself up and kissed me full on the mouth , he said they were working next door for a week and he was going to come around for round 2, he said that his plumber friend is coming and he is going to introduce me to him , i was in shock , then he was gone , i wanked myself silly that night , i cant wait and hopefully his plumber mate has a big cock ......