Written by Willie

10 Feb 2006

Bev, my wife, and I attended a party at a friend's house some time ago. There were about thirty people there although the men outnumbered to ladies by two to one. As the night progressed and the drink flowed the men were getting amorous and a bit frustrated. Bev went upstairs to use the bathroom. I noticed two lads follow her up, Bev told me the following day what happened whilst up there. When she came out of the bathroom one of the lads slipped his arm around her waist and asked for a friendly kiss, being a party she saw no harm in it and obliged him. He continued the kiss for some timepushing his toungue into her mouth and wrapping his arm tightly around her. She admitted to me that she was aroused by this and responded to it. He then slipped his hand down the frony of her dress and cuppe her naked breast(she wasn't wearing a bra) and began to massage her nipple, which went rigid almost immediately. He then took down the shoulder straps of her dress and exposed both her breasts, she was so intoxicated with the moment that she didn't object at all. He buried his face into her chest and began to suckle her nipples. It was then that the other lad appeared and suggestd that they all go into one of the bedrooms for more privacy. When in there the lads set to and completely undressed her and lay her spreadeagled on the bed. Bev said that the lad who instigated it removed his trousers and exposed the biggest, stiffest cock she had ever seen and all she could do was to bend her knees and open her legs as wide as possible to hopefully accomadate it. She remembers saying to him "please take your time as I want to enjoy this" When it entered her she said that she thought that it was going to rip her in two.While this was going on his mate had also stripped off and was holding his stiff cock by her mouth quietly nudging it between her lips and asking her to taste it, which she did. After she had satisfied them both they helped dress her and clean her up and escorted back to the main party downstairs.