Written by bob g

1 Feb 2005

This is something that happened to me last year in january. I joined a site called adultfriendfinder and placed a profile in it. I started searching the couples listing. I emailed every on the site that was looking for men,and introduced myself. That took a couple of weeks. I got a few replys .Only was a hit.I met with this realy friendly couple. He was 45 and she was 28, he was 5 foot 6 and she was 4 foot 10 and had a super build on her. They told me that they had met with several guys but had not chosen a guy that they wanted to get serious with.we had a great time togather while we visited. we said our good by s and went on our way. Three weeks later I got a email from them that they wanted to meet me again, so I headed to birmingham alabama to meet again. we met at there home. when we setled down and got thing going in the right direction they ask me to get a fresh std test. they offered to pay for the test. ok with me , when i got inside the clinic and started the blood test samples.the person made a puzzeling statment. she said she need a couple more samples for a genitic screanning test. Now i am thinking what would that be used for. So after the clinic visit we meet for lunch. we talked for a while and they said that they would phone me when the test results were in. two weeks past not a word. a few days later i got a call from them. They wanted me to come tothere home again ,and ask me to be there about six pm. when i arrived they welcomed me in . she was very forward to me, lots of hugs.I am 6 foot 2 and that was nice. they told me right off that she was going to have sex with me , and he was going to record it on a vedio cam. It didnt take long before she and were naked and kissing and squezing aroune on each other. We got into the 69 position for a little, when we seperated she was suprised as to how big my errection was. she then opened a condom and rolled it on me. she had a tuff time getting it on me. i was fully errect now from this handling. we eased to the couch where she wanted me to sit down and she strattled me faceing away from me. she eased wown on my cock and guided it in it was a super tight fit. i thought the condon was going to bust before it went in. after some wiggleing around it started in. she was moaning realy loudly. itis was the tighets pussy that i had ever been onto. as it went on in i hit bottom with over 1 inch to go. when i hit the bottom she would just shake her inner thighs and say oh fuck. after a few minutes of this position the husband ask us to change to her on the bottom. that took only a fwe seconds. getting back in was a not so easy but we got it started again. it was fantastic,I am over 7 inche long and this is the smallest pussy i have ever had my cock into. i had to be careful not to ran it in to deep. we fucked for about 5 minuts and the husband ask us to take a brake.i eased off of her , they steped to one side of the room and talked quietly for a few seconds. she then walked up to me and ask if i would like for her to remove the condom. my reply was yes i would like that much better. they bothstaretd talking at the same time,and then he took over the conversation. he then told me that she could not get pregant that night so i could go ahead and cum inside her, then ask if i wanted to do that, all the time the vedio was runnung.my answer was sure ,iwould be happy to come inside her. then they droped the bom on me.we want you to have sex as much as you want with her. however you must be here on the right time when she is ovulating. we want you to get her pregant. wow. my heart rate was already up so it just hit the max, I could feel it pounding in my chest. so we went back at it on the couch for a couple minuts.them we polled it out and headed to the spare beed room, we got on the beed withher on her back. the husband was behind us vedioing my cock going in and out of her, and ask her to try to take it in a little depper. man did that feel good . pushing it in her untul she would say pull it out a littlt bit for w while thae push a littlt deeper. after a few minutes of that i ask her if it was ok to cum in her. a loud yes set it into motion, That was the biggest load i ever let out.after my cum shot i started giomg in and out again , i kept on going into my second round, it really looked good to me on the vedio. when i would go in and hit the bottom of het pusst the cum would ouzz out around my cock. ihat got me super hard for the third round watching that ,but we had to cut it short, she got sore from beint streached, so we watched the movie and i masterbated until i was ready to com and pushed it in her while the cum was cumming out. that was a thrill in its self. as i squrted out it just slpied right insind her to the bottom. That was one hell of a first night, i will never forget that experence as long as i live . it took 8 months to get her pregant, I was aloud a few visits after that but now we only visit on the phone. when the baby is born i will be aloud to see it. they already talked to me about another baby later, so i must be careful with my self if i wast to make the next one. i made the commitment that i would. i dont know how a partner will tahe that if i get involved with a woman on a permant basis. I can just imanage that conversation, honey i have to go to birmingham to get a beautiful lady pregant, would you like go along, i promised her and her husband i would do it for them, thanks Bob