Written by Aroused Hubby

2 Oct 2006

My wife Sophie has been sleeping around for the past year with my blessing. We have had great sex and our relationship has grown stronger and stronger. Sophie teases me before and after being shagged by other men and we both get aroused when she shows me her fanny, usualy red, puffed and leaking with sperm. I dont ask any questions about the men she has sex with, I only ask about the sex and love it when she goes into fine detail. Until now we have had an understanding that we keep it to ourselves and Sophie does not shag our freinds.

However, last weekend I went out for a drink with one of my oldest freinds Glynn. We hung around together during our teens and have always kept in touch. Glynn is one of those freinds you can trust to keep a secret and we have on many occasions covered for one another when there has been a reason to do so. Glynn is a womans man and has never had any trouble pulling girls. When we were younger he was always the one who got off at the end of the night. He also has very large penis and has always enjoyed the cudous it has attracted as well as the fanny it has fucked. I have always trusted Glynn and we have had a sort of gentlemans agreement that we do not try to fuck each others girlfriends/wifes.

After a few drinks at the local Glynn phoned his wife to pick him up, however, the car has been playing up and Lin (his wife) did not want to risk breaking down. glynn decided to phone a taxi from our house and we brought a carry out and went home. When we got home Sophie was in the living room watching the tv in her dressing gown. Glynn joked its good of you to stay up to serve us supper and slapped her behind. It was just a gentle slap but Sophie went 'owch that hurt' and laughed. She followed up by saying I bet that has made my bottom red and started to open her dressing gown and just lowered her panties enough to show the cheek of her bum. Glynn looked a bit shocked and looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and said you had better kiss it better. Sophie repeated her move and offered her bum for Glynn to kiss, he obliged and gave it a good long kiss.

Sophie looked at me and I nodded, she said to Glynn 'the pain has spread too my pussy, you had better kiss that better'. Sophie bent over with her bum to Glynns face and pulled her pants to one side and revealed her fanny and arse. Glynn pulled Sophie closer and started to lick her pussy and bum. This went on for about five minutes and sophie was really enjoying herself. 'lets have a look at this famous big cock of yours'. Glynn obliged her and opened the front of his trousers, he struggled to get it out as it was very aroused and hard. Wow Sophie said it is very big i dont know if I could take all that she said in jest. She held it with one hand and straddled glynn, this might be difficult she said and ordered me to help her. I held Sophies weight over Glynns hard penis and she rubbed the head between her pussy lips until the head slowly entered her. Lower me slowly she said and i gently lowered my wife on to my best friends prick until she was full. Fuck me she ordered Glynn and he started to shag her, firstly slower and then faster and harder. Sophie orgasmed and she really started to ride glynn, his bollocks kept slapping against her arse and the sound of his prick in her fanny was wetter and wetter. Glynn was nearing orgasm and he asked if it was ok to come inside Sophie before I could say something Sophie said yes fill me up. Glynn came very noisily and the continued fucking made some spunk come out of Sophies fanny and rest on Glynns thigh. When Sophie uncunted Glynn there was loads of his spunk dripping out of her fanny down to her bum hole. She opened her legs and said to me 'look what your mate has done to your wifes fanny' I was so aroused I pulled out my prick and spunked up on her belly. 'Look she teased im fucking saturated with spunk'and she put her fingers in her swollen pussy and pulled them out covered in spunk. She licked them clean and ordered me to fetch her a drink. What a night.