Written by Tony and Tina

11 Mar 2005

I have just returned from the Costa del Sol. I have been to our apartment to do some painting and pay some bills. My wife, Tina did not go with me this time. We usually go three or four times a year. The main beach a few kilometres up the road, also has a nudist area. Tina and I enjoy sunbathing naked and around two to four, siesta time, you notice men wandering around either looking for couples having sex, hoping to watch or get an invite to participate. Some are also looking for the gay activity to join. While laying in the sun I always get an erection, which Tina likes to rub and give a blow job. She likes to give a show and watch the onlookers get their pricks out and wank while she sucks me spreading her legs to give them a view of her shaven pussy. We have only invited one male nudist to join us.Tina wanked him off while he kissed her 36dd boobs. After coming, he thanked us and wandered off back to his towel. Monday the weather was fine and sunny, so i took a break and went to the beach during siesta time. I went to the nudist area and there a few naked couples.After having a look it wes obvious they were not up for sex or playing with others. I decided to have a walk around the sand dunes to see if there was any action going on. I saw a couple of blokes standing by a small clearing and made my way towards them. In the clearing was a bloke with no shirt on and woman who was topless. She was giving the bloke a blow job. One of the onlookers had his prick out and walked into the clearing. The girl made it clear she was not going to service anyone else. She then went back to the bloke, who was now standing and starte to give him a wank. He moaned and came shooting his spunk into the sand. I noticed another couple walkby,a young dark haired spanish girl about 20 and a bald male, aged about 35 years. They went to a small clearing and lay down on the sand in the sun. She immediately took her jumper and bra off.The other two males moved up to the other couple. I went for a walk to around the back of where they were laying and looked over the low shrub. The bloke was massaging the girl's small, but pert tits. One of the males watching was wanking his exposed prick and the bald male beckoned him over. He went over and started to remove the girl's jeans. I then went to where he was standing to get a better view. I had a singlet and swimming shorts on. The first male then pulled the girl's thong to one side exposing her shaved pussy. The second male had moved next to the girl's head and had pulled his jeans and pants down to his ankles and offered his semi hard prick to be sucked. The girl took it in her mouth and sucked away. Her boyfriend then stripped off and she started to wank his prick. I thought sod it and stripped off. I started to wank my 7 inch erection. The first bloke was fingering the girl and wanking, he then shot his load into the sand. The bloke being sucked came in her mouth and pulled away. The boyfriend then put his prick in her mouth to be sucked. The first bloke got up and walked away. I moved down inbetween her legs and had no trouble removing her thong. I started to rub her clit and she started to moan. While rubbing her clit with my thumb, I inserted a finger into her pussy and proceded to finger fuck her and use my left hand to rub her right tit. I slipped in a second finger and she started to push up and down. I then withdrew my fingers and got hold of her legs and spread them and went down to give her moist pussy and clit a good licking. After five minutes, her boy friend tapped me on the shoulder and indicated he wanted to fuck her and for me to move up, so she could give my prick a suck. The boyfrind had a 10 inch long and very thick prick, he pumped away for five minutes. He then reached over to his trousers and pulled out some condoms. He offered one to me, I put it on and he withdrew. I took his place and fucked the girl, rubbing her clit at the same time. She started to have an orgasm and I came. I pulled out and removed the condom and moved to one side. Her boyfriend then turned her over and pulled the cheeks of her arse apart. He pointed to me and said to me did I want to watch more. He then proceded to insert his large prick up her arse. He fucked her arse for a couple of minutes, then he lay on his back and she straddled him, facing me. She then proceeded to fuck him, I stood up and she cupped my balls and gave them a massage bringing my prick back to life. Her boyfriend came while she was wanking my prick. I came a second time over her face. The other male had left. Then all three of us walked down to the sea naked and stood at the waters edge. The girl sat in the water and washed her arse, pussy and face. She washed my prick and then her boyfriend's prick. She gave me a french kiss and we all walked off in seperate ways. I returned the next day, but the weather was to cold and left as there was nobody about. I told Tina and she cannot wait until august when we will both return and she has said she walk in the dunes with me. She said she will definately give someone a blow job in front of me and anyone else who wants to watch. She may even join in a threesome with another couple for me to watch. I have said i want to see her with a 10 inch plus erect prick, either in her mouth or up her pussy. Roll on summer.