Written by si341909

10 Jan 2007

We are on the train, the sun is blazing in through the windows, the tall young conductor comes along, and asks for our tickets, you fumble and cant find them, the conductor is not happy but is looking at your stockinged legs.

'Listen mate perhaps she can pay for our tickets another way, he smiles and asks what I mean, lets go to your compartment and I’ll show you'

When we get their I tell him to sit on his stool, Ok Honey over his Knee, with a little trepidation you bend over, and I lift your skirt up over your back. The conductors eyes are wide, he cant believe his luck, you feel his hardon grow under his trousers.

OK I wat you to spank her until she begs, or crys, his big hands spank you clumsily, his novice hand is smarting, 'no mate I say harder, with your hand flat, he spanks you again this time harder, you beg him to stop.

'OK Im off for a coffee, but dont stop until she begs and says sorry, and you girl will thank the kind conductor accordingly' I step out and shut the door.

Your bare arse is reddening as you beg him to stop, but he's getting carried away, he's enjoying punishing you. He holds your hair and yanks your head it up, your sobbing as he stops.

You slip off onto your knees, undo his flies and take his large swollen cock into your mouth. With you expertly deep throat him, 2 new experiences in one day, he leand back and clenching your head holds you as he cums into the back of your throat.

When you find me your hair and skirt are ruffled, you grab me by the hand and drag me to the toilet, you face the window lift your skirt to show me the marks. 'You bastard look what he did to me'

I grab your hair and push you down over the sink and with the train rolling into a station I fuck you hard from behind, we hear the passengers getting on and off the train, I turn you around and lean you back, and enter you again, we fuck hard as the train leaves the station, you come hard, I grab your hair and push you down on my cock I cum in your mouth. We hold each other and from your pocket you pull out the tickets.