Written by A & G

10 Feb 2004

Firstly I must thank all those men who replied to our recent advert on this site for some guy to spank me in front of my husband. Sorry guys if we didn't reply to you personally but our mail box was overflowing.

We selected a man, Ted, and after a number of text messages agreed to meet with him at a nearby pub. Ted turned out to be a smart businessman in his mid fifties (my hubby and I are in our early forties). He was married but his wife would no longer entertain his long standing spanking fetish and he was looking for a woman like myself to indulge him.

We laid out our ground rules which included no sex and no penetration by fingers or tongue. We just wanted him to spank and rub me me whilst giving my husband some good old fashioned visual pleasure.

We arrived home and after a quick drink went into the back room where we have hooks set into the roof beam where my husband regularly strings me up. I do enjoy BDSM and love a little humiliation and the thought of being helplessly stripped by a stranger had me desperate for the session to begin.

Ted gently tied by wrists and fed the satin ties through the celing hooks. He then blindfolded me and asked whether I was okay. I nodded and he started to run his hands over my body, first my back and over my arse and then up and over my shoulder, tracing my breasts and lingering on my nipples before running his hands down over my stomach and coming to rest on my pussy mound.

Ted started to undo my blouse, I wasn't wearing a bra and knew that very soon my breasts wall fall out. I stood rigid, scared and embarrased but at the same time hugely turned on. As my tits were revealed he bent down and took my stiffening nipples into his mouth, gently sucking and flicking them with his tongue. The pleasurable feelings made a fast track to my pussy and by the time he started to undo my skirt I had forgotten my husband was watching and, I am afraid to say, the prospect of being spanked was not as nice as the possibility of being fucked.

With my skirt removed and only a small black thong covering my shaven fanny Ted picked up the leather paddle and started spanking me. My cheeks glowed under his attention and periodicaly he would stop and gently squeeze my cheeks. Ted was a real gentleman and never overstepped the mark. His hands stayed away from my fanny but he did give my arse cheeks and tits plenty of fondling and squeezing.

My husband had been busy taking pictures and had remained silent but he suggested to Ted that I would quite enjoy a gentle tit slap. He's right, I do really enjoy it, not too much only enough to make them tingle and jiggle about.

After some 20 minutes of attention my husband suggested I was untied and put over his knee for a good hand spanking on my bare bottom. This was when I was expecting to have an orgasm. With my swollen twat exposed his fingers should flick over my lips and clit giving me utter pleasure.

Ted untied me, removed my blindfold, slipped my blouse completely off and led me to the settee. Just before he sat down he turned to my husband and asked if he minded if he took his trousers off. My husband nodded approval from behind the camera and Ted undid his belt. I was standing there just in a thong wondering what Teds plan was, he knew that he wasn't allowed to shag me or put his dick in my mouth but I guessed that it was only fair to let him have a wank.

Teds trousers and pants came down revealing a small but rigid cock. I don't know why but I was expecting him to be well endowed. Perhaps it's because all these stories you hear or read about have a male of massive proportions (of course they do!!). His dick was about 4 inches in length and quite thin but it was pointing skywards. His balls hung nicely in a large hairless sac and I imagined running my tongue over them before engulfing his full length. His circumcised knob glistened with pre cum as he sat down and beckoned me over.

I lay across his lap with his slippery dick poking in the side of my stomach. I raised my arse and told him to remove my thong. He eagerly obliged and peeled it quickly off. I opened my legs a bit so that he could get a good view of my sensitive twat. Ted gently stroked my arse cheeks and I was willing him to rub my lips and discover my clit. The spanking started and with each slap I was pushed hard into his lap and onto his dick. It was bliss and I could feel my first orgasm rising. His fingers hadn't strayed onto my cunt and I was desperate for some clitoral stimulation to trigger the climax. I turned round to look at him and mouthed under my breath so that my husband wouldn't hear "feel my cunt". Ted did as I told him and his fingers soon began to caress my pussy lips. By the time my orgasm erupted Ted was also fingering my clit and arsehole.

I lay exhausted on Teds lap, still with his erection underneath me. I looked at my husband who had finished taking photos and was standing nearby with a big grin on his face. I was half expecting him to have his cock out and be masturbating but he wasn't, instead he said how much he had enjoyed the sights and that he looked forward to the next time. It was obviously the end of the session and time for Ted to go. I felt a bit sorry for him but he didn't seem dissappointed. As I started to get off him I had an idea that went against all our rules. Instead of swinging both my legs onto the floor I simply moved them either side of his lap, knelt up, pushed my hot tits into his face and lowered myself onto his dick. With a small dick and a soaking fanny it went straight in without problems. I started to ride him and he responded with a few thrusts, only a few though because within seconds I felt him tense up, gasp and shot his lot into me. It felt like a massive amount and he twitched and groaned for what seemed like ages.

I looked over at my husband and he was now having a wank and grinning. I told Ted how much I'd enjoyed it and lifted myself of his member. It lay shrinking in his lap amongst a pool of sperm. Not all the sperm though as much of his load was either still in me or running down my thighs.

After Ted had gone I discussed the evening fully with my husband in bed (between fucks). We had both thoroughly enjoyed it and although Ted was a great guy the next session would be with someone different without the no sex rules!