Written by Sir Canealot

25 Oct 2005

Some two years ago i placed an advertisement in a well known spanking and cp

magazine that went something like this 'Gentlemen does your wife or girlfriend

need correction? If so contact a mature and experienced discilinarian' i went on

to explain that i'd be happy to entertain at my own address and that the male partner

would be welcome to watch the proceedings.I set up a voicemail box for replies and awaited

replies.I am in my late fifties and i am a keen spanker of naughty female bottoms.I was delighted

with the response that was slow at first and then picked up.A chap called to enquire as to the details

and explained that he and his wife had discussed spanking and would like to try it,but had little or no

experience.It was thus that i met the lovely couple, i'll call George and Margaret at my home.

Margaret was shy,a good looking lady in her late thirties with blonde hair and very shapely.George was

looking for a few pointers as to spanking technique.I invited George to take the armchair opposite as i

sat on the sofa and took Margaret over my lap.George looked on agog as i fondled his ladies ample buttocks

through the tight material of her fawn coloured trousers.Soon i was lightly spanking her rear slowly building

up to very hard cracks that made Margarets bottom wobble delightfully as she gasped and yelped out loud.

George was watching with great interest and more than a little excitement.I asked him if he'd like to see me demonstrate

the use of the leather strap on Margarets bottom and if he would object to me removing Margerets trousers and blouse.

George stammeringly agreed and soon his blushing wife stood in just her bra and panties blushing furiously.

I demonstrated the strap as Margaret bent over the armchair and i'm sure George was more than happy with the way i

caused Margarets big bum to wobble with each crack.On a later occasion i caned Margarets bare bottom as she touched

her toes and again i think George learnt from the technique.Another call was surprisingly from a well spoken lady in her forties

who i'll call Theresa who was very curious and who had a boyfriend who she could not discuss it with.Theresa was tall and dark haired

and although slim had a splendid rear.Theresa was reluctant to visit so i arranged to visit her,she was very nervous and tongue tied

when i called and almost spilt tea over me.However i soon got down to buisiness and lifted Theresa's skirt revealling her big black

knickers,cupping an ample cheek i adored her over my knee and gave her arse a good hard spanking.I informed her this was only a preliminary

and i intended to cane her bare bottom,soon Theresa was presenting her big milk white buttocks as she touched her toes and i tramlined her

quivering cheeks with twelve vivid red purple lines.As she did not call again i take it that her curiosity was satisfied.