Written by Sally & Duane

20 Nov 2004

I have a fetish. I admit it. I love to eat sperm and I love to eat it from a woman's body. It's partly the taste, partly the feel of it on my tongue and in my mouth, partly the smell of sex and sweat. But mostly, it's the thought that the sperm has the power to start a new life. That risk is what changes eating a creampie from a pleasant activity into an exciting event.

Fortunately, my wife, Sally loves to have my tongue probing around inside her delicious pink pussy. And she likes a bit of cock, too :-)

Last month we spent a week in Europe. We run a small company that exports to the continent. That means occasional sales trips. We're not a large company, so the hotels tend to be cheap. Located in the seedier parts of town. But that suits Sally and me just fine.

One night in Amsterdam we had a hotel near the red light district. We took the opportunity to wander around and visit some sex shops before wandering into one of the sex cinemas. The one we chose was dark and smelled a bit damp and funky. But there was a fuck scene on the screen and the seating wasn't too full.

We sat down in the middle of a row and Sally pulled up her skirt and started frigging herself with a dildo we'd just bought. She was juicing up nicely when an old chap sat down next to us and offerd to give her something that felt slightly more realistic.

He unzipped himself and pulled out a fairly thick cock with a beautiful wrinkled foreskin that completely covered the head. Sally placed her mouth over it and pushed it down with her lips and she swizzled her tongue around, stiffening him up and getting his pre-cum going.

Once he was standing to attention Sally stood up, moved left and sat down on his cock. They fucked like that for about five minutes, until he came inside her unprotected pussy. Sally's not on the pill, so every stranger she fucks could get her pregnant. Once she'd got his cum inside her she moved back to her own seat and I knelt down in front of her and caught the cum that was starting to leak. It was thick and white and beautifully warm.

That wasn't the only load I licked from her that night. Nor that week. Fortunately, she didn't catch and we're still DINKYs. But she will one day. I just wonder whose child it'll be: mine or some strangers? Isn't it exciting?

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