Written by Jane Hamilton

17 Feb 2005

It had been a really good evening and I felt totally relaxed as I left my husband, Steve, to put the car away. I slid the key into the lock and slipped inside the front door. I flipped the switch to light the hall and nothing happened. I smiled to myself. Another one of the power cuts which we had been having recently – at least this meant that I’d get Steve into bed quickly!

It was then that it all started so quickly. My arms were grabbed and forced behind me. What felt like big plasters were stuck over my eyes. As I tried to scream what I later found out was a ball gag was forced into my mouth and my nose was held until I had to fight for breath. A million thoughts rushed through my head Was I about to be robbed….or worse? Where was Steve and could I warn him. I tried to keep calm and think but panic kept surging up from inside me.

I was half walked and half dragged into my own sitting room. A number of hands stripped me of my evening dress that I had worn to the party. To my horror my bra, knickers, stockings and suspender belt went the same way and I was forced down onto my back on the floor. My hands were pulled above my head and tied to something. Ties akin to handcuffs were fixed to my ankles and something placed between them that had the effect of forcing my legs wide apart. My mind was full of utter horror, fear and shame. I couldn’t move and was totally exposed. I knew what was coming next and there was nothing – absolutely nothing - I could do about it. Where, oh, where the hell was Steve or had they got him too?

To my amazement nothing happened. Actually something did happen but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Hands seemed to be sticking bits of tape to my breasts – one a few centimetres to either side of my nipples – and to my inner thighs but beyond that I wasn’t touched and there was no further movement that I could hear. What were they playing at? Why didn’t they just get on with the inevitable?

Suddenly and without any warning I felt a low electric shock hit my fanny. Actually it was more like a pulse that kept coming and going rhythmically. It didn’t hurt but it made my muscles contract and then release without my having any control over them. These people had wired me up and were now watching my pussy jerk as they shocked me. I was horrified. The pulses became overpowering and I felt my pussy and thigh muscles jerk uncontrollably then relax again. As the process went on unrelentingly, I realised to my horror that, despite myself, I was building to an orgasm. On and on the pulses came and I found myself hit with a very powerful orgasm that had me gasping against the gag and my breasts feeling as if they were on fire. The sound of a number of appreciative voices came from around me and for once I was glad of the coverings over my eyes. I laid there, a mixture of shame and anger but for all that I was still OK and it had been a great orgasm.

As if as a reward, my ankle bindings were released and I was left to lie there untroubled for quite some time. The tapes on my thighs and fanny were gently removed and I was allowed to get my breath back. I relaxed a bit and tried to gather my strength for whatever might come next.

With no more warning than before, a burst of electricity shot through my breasts. This time the shock hurt and when it came again I found myself begging through my gag for it to end. A voice whispered in my ear, “open your legs and the pain will stop”. I refused and rode through two more shocks but after that I would have done anything and, when the voice came again, I was quick to comply. No sooner than I did than I felt a man kneel between my legs and gently enter me. I was mortified but had to admit to myself that he was very gentle and concerned for me. When finally he came in me, I found myself coming with him.

Ten minutes later the shock hit my breasts again and I knew I couldn’t resist. I opened my legs and another prick pushed its way into me. This one fucked me harder and quicker and with less consideration for me but I couldn’t say it was bad. I must have performed to their satisfaction, as my reward was to have my gag removed. My mouth ached and was dry and I didn’t think I could have called out even if they hadn’t have warned me not to.

There must have been another quarter of an hour of silence before the shock hit me again. Whatever I am, where pain is concerned I am a fast learner and I immediately opened my legs. Nothing happened. I waited but absolutely nothing happened. Thoughts rushed through my brain. Had they gone? Were they planning something else? Why nothing? Had I not done what they’d wanted? And then I heard a voice which seemed distant but which I recognised as my own. “Please fuck me”. My voice said. “Please. I want to be fucked again”.

I could almost feel the atmosphere in the room change. To my amazement my pleading resulted in the coverings over my eyes being removed and my finding myself face to face with my husband. As I glanced around the room, my eyes took in many of the couples with whom we had our swinging sessions. All were in various stages of undress and some appeared very flushed. Steve looked awkward. “I know I must have scared you but when you got talking last time about how you couldn’t believe that people could be made to do things against their will, some of us got to thinking about how we might get to prove you wrong.” I stared at him with fury in my eyes and then a baser instinct took over. “We’ll talk about this later but for now is anyone going to fuck me or what?”