Written by James McCabe

19 Jul 2005

It is lovely spring morning, you decide to do some spring-cleaning. As it is going to be a hot job, you just put on a T-shirt and your hot pants. You decide to make a start in the living room, you dragged out one of the heavy seats to vacuum behind it, when suddenly you feel pain in your back. You phone your neighbour, who advises you to go down to the sports clinic where there is a physiotherapist who deals with medical emergencies. The neighbour drops you off at the clinic, and asks that you ring her when you are finished, and she will come back and pick you up. You hobble into the general office, but there is no one there, you pass through the door into the swimming pool area, you see a guy ploughing through the water, back and forth, you shout at him to get his attention. He then swims over to you. "Can I help? He asks.

You explain to him that you think that you have pulled a muscle in your back and it is very painful. He climbs out of the swimming pool, but even though you are aching with severe back pain, you cannot help but notice that the physiotherapist is breathing very heavy, you are fascinated as you watch his torso rise and fall with each breath. But that is not the only thing that fascinates you, you notice that his swimming trunks are so small, they looked more like a thong.

He takes you by the arm and guides you into the treatment room, he makes you comfortable on the examination couch and says to you, "Excuse me, while I go and remove these wet trunks."

He walks into the changing room, but does not close the door, you watch him as he removes his trunks. He grabs a towel and dries himself off, he carefully lifts his cock and dries all around his balls then gently raps the towel around his cock and dries of, you are not sure if he has deliberately left the door open for you to see all this action.

He returns with a small towel wrapped around his waist. You explain to him what has happened, he asks you to remove your T-shirt, he has a brief cursory glance at your tits as he asks you to lie on your tummy on the couch. Your feel his large hands travel up and down your spinal column as he searches for the painful area. Despite the pain you enjoy the feel of his hands as they explore your flesh, he moves down and over the lumber region and gently manipulates with his thumbs, then he says, "I hope you don't mind, but I need to pull your shorts down so that I can make sure that there is no problem in the sciatic area."

You suddenly realise that he has completely removed your pants, you are now fully naked on the couch.

His hands slide back up your spine and work in between the shoulder blades, he then says to you that you have trapped a nerve between the thoracic vertebrae.

He asks you to sit up and kneel on the edge of the couch so that he can manipulate the spinal area between your shoulder blades. As you are kneeling with your back to him, he comes in close to you and gently takes hold of your arms to rotate and manipulate. His chin is almost resting on your shoulder, you can feel his warm breath next your ear. He holds your arms out in front of you, you can feel his chest pressing into your back as he push’s you forward … his lips touch your ear lobes, he still continues to press you forward with his arms tightly wrapped around you, your face is almost touching the surface of the couch. Then gently he eases your body back up again, his arms are still wrapped around you, and although he is holding your arms he is able to feel of the softness of your tits as they brush against his hands. Your realise that the severe pain and has almost gone, but you still want to feel his arms wrapped strongly around you, you can still feel his breath in your ear, he still rests his chin on your shoulder, his lips are ever so close to your face, you turn your face around a little, so that your cheek touches his lips, as you kneel there, you wriggle your toes and feel something soft, you realise that you can feel his balls … he's not wearing the towel anymore … you press your sexy ass into his groin, you can feel his cock brushing the cheeks of your ass … suddenly you feel his tongue exploring all around your neck, your ears, your cheek, then he nibbles your neck and shoulder. You look down at the paper towelling on the couch and notice that it is becoming wet with the sex juicy that is dripping from your tingling cunt … you want to feel his cock slide between your thighs and into your very wet pussy … suddenly he asks that you lie on your back, so that he might test the flexion of your legs … he said that this would indicate if there was any sciatic abnormality. As he lifts your right leg into the air, he can see all the moisture around your cunt, at the same time you can see that his cock is absolutely rock solid. He now lifts your left leg into the air and rotates it around, and all the time he gazes intently at your labial lips, he imagines all that soft flesh swallowing his cock. He then asks you to come forward on the couch so that your legs are hanging over the edge. He now stands in front of you, he takes a leg in each hand and lifts them up in the air, he comes even closer so that his cock is only one inch away from your pussy .. You know right well that the randy bastard wants to fuck you, and you also know that you want him to fuck you … you decide to slide your body forward into his cock … he jerk's a little as his rod slides into your body… he begins a gentle rhythm as his cock slides back and forth over your velvet flesh …. You wrapp in your legs around his ass and bring him forward so that his hands are free to manipulate and squeeze your tits …. You use your fingers to excite even more your pussy as he rams his solid pulsating throbbing cock into your body … your body begins to tingle and tremble as you feel yourself reaching fever pitch … you hope desperately that the bastard does not fire his load before and you have reached the apex … both of you are moaning and groaning… you have hardly time to draw breath …….. Then suddenly bingo! Both of you go crazy as your bodies go into a fucking frenzy……………. Later, he takes you into the shower and applies shower gel to your body ……… he kneels down in front of you …. He sticks his tongue into your still very sensitive cunt ……… your throw your head back and wait for the next cataclysmic eruption …………