Written by Mother-in-lawphuker

24 May 2005

When I went to help my Mother-In-Law move house I was hers to order around as she saw fit and once or twice I felt like walking out and leaving her high and dry,but I bit my tongue and soon we were finished and we literally fell onto her sofa as we were both bushed and Jill leaned over and gave me a big kiss and not on the lips and she thanked me and then got up and told me to help myslef to anything I wanted whilst she had a shower.I got up and felt my cock grow in my jeans and I managed to catch sight of her large arse wiggling from side to side as she climbed the stairs.I went into the kitchen and got a cold bottle of beer from the fridge and pulled my zipper down to free my cock and I knew Jill was upstairs soaping her large body and I decided to creep upstairs and I removed my shoes and was soon outside her bedroom and I opened her bedroom door and crept in and saw on the bed she had left her bra and panties and I put them to my nose and could see how wet she must of been and I licked the crotch area of her panties and began to wank my cock and I went in search of this mature beauty and I could make out her body though the tinted glass and I moved closer and I clould see her hanging tits and once or twice she pressed her arse against the glass as she moved around and I then heard her speak to herself as she swore and then I heard a buzzing sound and knew she had taken a vibrator intot he swore and she was fucking herself with it as she called out my name.As she carried on shouting out Mark fuck me you bastard my wanking got harder and I decided to go for it so I walked towards the shower door and opened it wide and stood there with my hard cock sticking out she jumped and then grabbed my cock and pulled me inside and kissed me on the lips then dropped to her knees and started to suck me hard and play with my heavy balls.I told her she was a dirty slut and she was mine to use as I wanted and she nodded as she looked up with her mouth filled with my cock.I was soon fucking in and out of her mouth and she moaned and groned and told me to make sure I didn't cum in her mouth.I pulled her head off my cock and then pulled her into her bedroom and pushed her down onto the bed and she spread her legs wide and I dived into her hairy bush and begna to lick away as she clamped her legs round my back and thrust forward as I tasted her juices I told her I wanted to fuck her and I got between her legs and beagn to pump in and out and she pushed back and sucked me inside and I knew I would shoot my spunk soon and sure enough I spunked inside her hairy hole and carried on until my balls emptied into her and she screamed the house down as she shuddered.

That night we fucked 4 times and now that I am divorced from her daughter I now go round 4 times a week and make sure she is naked under her dressing gown whenever I call as sometimes I shut the door push her forward on the stairs and ram my hard cock deep up inside her and fuck her and fill her dirty pussy with my spunk.Once I fucked her several times and she didn't clean up so she was walking round her house dripping cum down her legs.I have fucked some of her friends and had threesomes with younger and older women involved and I know she is my sexslave to use as I please and she has even asked to get a tattoo on her above her pussy to show she is my property.

If you get the chance to fuck your mother-inlaw then go for it or make it happen as they are always very very grateful.