Written by TrinityControl

16 Jan 2006

I met James first during a season of films that I had helped the Film society put on. We met during the ‘after film’ post mortem in the pub and hit it off straight away. Just like me, he was verging on being a film geek but his wicked sense of humour stopped him toppling over the edge. Over the subsequent weeks it was obvious that he too enjoyed having an excuse to get out of the house. This, a flat in fact, he shared with his long-term girlfriend, Lucy. But the season had now come to an end and with spring warming to summer, no more films would be shown for quite a while.

‘Lets have a game of squash. Get fit for the summer.’ He had suggested, not that he seemed particularly unfit or flabby. I wasn’t that enamoured with the idea of careering around a squash court, sweating like a pig. O.K. so I’d developed some love handles from sitting at a desk all day, but there was no need to go over the top! It was the thought of not enjoying his company for a while that convinced me.

The squash courts are sadly underused. They were out in a small village in the country, and must have been built on a whim, probably using spare money from some rural development grant. We didn’t need to book until we got there and then it seemed unnecessary to write our names down. The form was almost blank with neither of the two courts booked for the any time later that evening. Much as I had suspected, James won both of the games we played. I was sadly out classed and was made to fly around the court while he commanded the central area.

Returning to the large communal men’s changing room, I kicked off my trainers. With two fluid movements, I removed my top then my shorts, pants and socks and chucked them in a pile on the bench. Standing naked, with the sweat drying on my skin, I leant forward to rummage in my bag for some shampoo. I have never been particularly conscious of my body in this type of situation, probably a result of coming from a large family, but James seemed hesitant to undress, so I left him and headed for the shower room, through the opening at the end of the line of lockers.

It was a large tiled area with a row of five showers mounted on the back wall. I turned on the middle one. The water was cold at first and made me gasp, but facing it, I moved my body more and more under the stream as the temperature became bearable. I let the water hit my chest, flattening the dark hair between my nipples, which tightened against the coldness of the water. It cascaded down over my groin, cooling my thighs and lower legs that felt tense from the recent exercise. Closing my eyes, I brought my face into the stream and let the cool water wash away the sweat from my face and forehead. Bowing my head so my chin rested on my chest, I let the shower soak my hair, with water flowing over my crown and down my tanned back in rivulets, which splashed off my clenched buttocks. Moisture seeped between them and down the backs of my legs.

As I stood there for a moment letting the water wash away the feeling of heat and sweat, I became aware that James had joined me in the shower room. He had walked passed and had turned on the next shower. Opening my eyes, but still with my head bowed under the jet, I saw his feet in the corner of my eye. He was facing away from me, testing the temperature of the water with his hand. I turned my head slightly to get a better look, examining the back of his taught thighs and pert bum, muscular back and shoulders.

My eyes widened as he turned very slightly and I caught sight of his prick, jutting out in front of him, almost fully erect. No wonder he had his back to me and had taken some time to undress. He must have been embarrassed because he had a hard on. I smiled.

Turning away from him and standing now facing away from the shower, I let the water pound between my shoulder blades. I tilted my head back, soaking my hair again and after crouching to squeeze some shampoo into the palm of my hand, rubbed it into my hair to produce a lather which fell in globules on to the tiles to be washed away in the stream of water.

The water from the showers had heated up now. My scalp felt hot as I rinsed out the shampoo and opened my eyes. The shower room was filling with steam, creating a fog all around. James was showering beside me and to save his embarrassment I had turned slightly to face the doorway. I was relaxed now, hot under the shower.

I must admit that I was startled by him placing his hand on my shoulder. I looked down at the hand first and then him. He had moved close behind me and placing his other hand on my other shoulder, prevented me from turning around. He let his hands drop, and his arms come around me to pull me close to him. I felt his head at my shoulder, his chest press against my back and his hard cock and hot groin push against my buttocks. He held me still for a moment as if considering what to do next, gauging my reaction. I tilted my head back, arched my back pushing my bum into his groin and let out a deep sigh of pleasure and compliance.

With newfound confidence he held me up with his powerful left arm pulling me tight against his chest, using the fingers of that hand to toy with one of my nipples as the water from the shower splashed down between and over us. His other hand, he stroked over my stomach and on to the tops of my thighs. Grasping at the inside of one of them he forced my legs wider apart, taking more of my body weight by his left arm. Stroking my balls with his fingers, my now firm cock throbbed stiffer and stiffer and he watched it rise until it was straining to be touched. Wrapping his fingers around it, he pulled back my foreskin and with his first delicious stroke of my prick, released a groan of pleasure from deep in my body.

I tilted my head back so that it half rested on his shoulder. He began to slowly wank me from behind with long deliberate movements. My body tensed and struggled but he held me still. I closed my eyes, unable to focus them properly with the rush of blood to my face. My heart beat faster until I could hear it in my ears. My body squirmed involuntarily with the sensations he was producing in my groin, moving in response to his slow movements of his hand around my cock, urging him to wank me faster, until with a loud cry I came, shooting my load across the tiled floor in a series of spurts that had me panting and writhing in ecstasy. My body crumpled with the release, my legs quivering and unable to support me, he held me for a while, then slowly releasing his grip let me fall forward onto the floor on all fours. He stood above me as my breathing subsided and looked at me, recovering at his feet.

I looked back at him standing there, towering above me, water streaming down his body, across his broad chest. His erect prick pointing towards me. He looked worried as if he’d hurt me, frightened by the intensity of my orgasm but proud of his achievement, a questioning smile on his lips. ‘Wow’ I mouthed at him through the steam and he laughed.

I crawled slowly back towards him on all fours. Reaching the point where his swollen knob was just above my head I leaned back into a kneeling position. Licking my lips in anticipation I stretched up my arms and placed my hands high on his chest, my mouth now level with the end of his cock. Leaning forward slightly, I forced the end of his prick slowly between my lips, rolling back his foreskin inside my mouth with the lightest pressure of my teeth. He felt hot and salty. ‘Oh yesss’ he hissed. Pulling his cock from deep within my mouth, I looked up at his face, resting my lips around the head. His eyes were tight shut in pleasure. I felt his hand on the back of my head, grasping me by the hair. He pushed himself in again.

With bobbing movements of my head, helped by his hand urgently pulling at my hair, I slid him in and out of my mouth with a rhythm that grew faster and faster until I could see his stomach and thigh muscles start to shake in spasm. He was talking to me all the time, panting out short phrases ‘Oh, god yes’ ‘oh please’ ‘faster’ ‘Oh no, no, no’. He was really quite large and at least once almost gagged as the end of his cock pushed too deep in my throat. His pleads got more and more urgent until with a final thrust, I felt his hot spunk fill my mouth. I pulled my head back swallowing down his spicy come, and letting the spurt from his last two waves shoot in my face, I felt globules of spunk on my eyelids and dribbling down my chin. He staggered backwards and resting his hand on the cold tiled wall stood there gasping for breath. I rose to my feet and washed my face and body again in the hot shower, washing his come down as I swallowed a mouthful of water from the shower.

We left and dressed in strange silence. Sitting down with a pint in the village pub shortly afterwards, he looked me in the eye. ‘Thanks, I really needed that’ he said. ‘Me too’ I agreed. ‘No really, thanks!’ I shrugged, ‘My pleasure’. In the way of an apology he explained that things hadn’t been going well at home recently and a good blowjob was exactly what the doctor ordered. I smiled.

It came to light that Lucy had had an old college friend to stay with them and it looked as if she (Joanne) would in fact be moving into their flat as a lodger. ‘You should think yourself lucky’ I said. He looked as if he had already been hounded. With two women in the flat, he just couldn’t fight back. ‘Don’t worry’ I said ‘It’s amazing what a good game of squash does for the spirits!’ We both laughed. He was pleased when I suggested we have another ‘game’ at the same time next week.