Written by Daz

1 Mar 2004

I met a women through a chat room.She was 35,tall,blonde and willing to try anything.We talked for a few weeks over the pc and then she asked me to meet her.Iwasto wait in this secluded layby for her and then to let her take the lead.

I sat there for what seemed like ages,wondering if she'd actually turn up.Just then i saw a car pull into this layby.

The car pulled up behind mine and the car door opened.I saw this fugure with a long dark coat get out and start to walk over to me.I was hopeing to god it was her.The car door opened and the figure pulled open the coat to reveal a nice pair of boobs with large erect nipples,a slim body and a shaven pussy to die for.I moved my head to lick and suck her nipples but she said'no,lick my cunt NOW'so down i went to suck on her juicy cunt.She was sopping.I drank down her pussy juice for all i was worth.My cock was aching for freedom but she grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy,moaning and groaning and telling me to get my tongue up her cunt cause she was close to coming.When she told me this i grabbed her arse cheeks tight and fucked her with my tongue for all i was worth.I slipped a finger up her arsehole and she screamed'i'm coming and with that came all over my face.I gulped down her fanny batter.Her thighs squeezed my face tightly and then she relaxed as her orgasm relaxed.She now told me she wanted me to fuck her from behind.I got out the car and stood behind her.I undid my jeans and pulled out my cock and placed a condom over it.I lifted her long coat to expose a soft tight arse.Her hands came round and pulled her cheeks apart and i drove my cock deep into her wet pussy making her groan.I grabbed her arse and started fucking her hard.We fucked for what seemed like ages.I grabbed her tits,squeezing hard,tweaking her nipples to make her scream.She loved it.She was that wet my cock kept slipping out.I make her bend right over so she was nearly touching her toes.I saw her small brown ring that i had been fingering.It looked so inviting.I placed my cock at the entance.She told me to be careful.I slowly slid my cock up her tight arse.God she was tight but the lube from her pussy was working well.I'd never fucked a woman up the arse before.I slowly started to fuck her.She slid her hands down to her pussy and started to play with her clit.She moaned like no other woman i've ever known.

I was close to coming now.I wanted to come up her arse but she said no cause her husband will more than likely wanna fuck her when she gets home and she doesnt want him to know bout us yet.She told me to take my cock out so she can suck it.I stood there while she knelt down and put my cock in her mouth and wanked me hard into it.I was nearly there,so close.She massaged my balls and then slipped a finger up my arse.Fuckin hell,I blew my load there and then all over her face.She gulped down as much as she cud but she couldnt take it all.

We rested for a minute then she tidyed herself up,gave me a kiss and said goodbye.

We still talk and have met a few times.Now she wants to shag the wife as well.Luckily the wife has agreed and that will be another story to tell when it happens.

For now though if any more women would the same to happen to them or have their own fantasy to act out then get in touch......