Written by Emma

24 May 2004

I'm a 35 year-old married woman from Glasgow! Been married for twelve years to my hubby, Jason. In all that time i'd never been unfaithful although I did have occassional opportunities to fuck other men. About six months ago a man came on strong at my local supermarket. I'd noticed he'd been following me about the store, blatantly eying my 38dd tits. When he approached me outside the store and abruptly said 'want to feel a massive hard-on up your cunt?' I must confess I was equally shocked and tempted. For the first time in my married life I actually contemplated screwing another man. I instinctively knew this man would give me the kind of fuck I'd often fantasised about. But before I knew it I'd told him to 'behave himself', and I hurried off in my car. That all changed barely two weeks ago. I still find it hard to believe I had the nerve to do what I did. It was definetaly a rebound affect of meeting that man at the store all those months ago. Often I'd thought about what the fucking might have been like if I'd only went back to his bed? I just know it would have been mind-blowing stuff! These thoughts tormented me mostly when masturbating. Which I'd been doing a lot recently as hubby's on rotating shifts and constantly too tired for sex. Even when his workload allows it, he simply seems bored with sex these days. To much of an effort for him it would seem. Anyway, as I said, two weeks ago everything changed for me sexually! Hubby was on his third night shift in a row and I was by my open upstairs bedroom window enjoying a cigarette. Not long after midnight, which is not unusual for me. I love to sit by the open window in the wee sma hours during those humid summer nights. On this particular night, unknown to me, a man was watching me from the sparse woodland at the bottom of our garden. I was wearing a satin-like burgunday nightdress and little did I know he had a perfect view of my ample cleevage in the lamplight. That particular nightgown was a favorite of mine as the satin material is so cool and breathable against my skin. But it does so emphasise my large shapely tits. In fact it's extremely clingy all over. It certainly met with this man's aproaval for he was wanking like a maniac while watching me. I soon realized this fact when he brazenly came out of the bush and exposed himself to me. Walked right up beneath my window. Wanking like crazy. 'He's working, isn't he?' he said. Voice all hurried and strained. 'Let me in! I'll suck and fuck you all night!' I hurriedly stubbed out my ciggy and closed the window. I switched off the lamp and got into bed. I lay there in the dark. My breathing heavy. Unable to make sense of my thoughts. I instinctively knew he was still out there. Probably still wanking. Waiting. I saw his cock so vividly in my minds eye. Looked really long and heavy in his hand. Within minutes my body was in turmoil. The bedsheet drenched in pussy-juice. I have never been so aware of the prick-longing pulse of my cunt as I was at that moment. Not

ever. My nipples were sorely stretched through the thin satin material of my nighty. When I heard the first pebble pang the window-pane I was already frantically masturbating. I completely lost it then. My arousal was so intense it was like I was on autopilot. I got out of bed, removed my nightdress and hurriedly opened the window. My tits were so damned swollen, the skin so tight, my large dark nipples hurtingly stretched. He was still directly below the window. Still feverishly wanking. 'Hurry!' I said. Straining to keep my voice whispered. My swollen naked tits were now literary hanging out the window. 'Fuck! Throw down the key! Throw the fucking key!' he barked. He too having difficulty restraining his voice. I got the spare backdoor key from the dresser drawer and dropped it down to him. I then lay back on top of the bed and waited. Totally naked. My breath heavy. Legs open. Cunt gaped and wet-ripe for his massive hard cock. That man came through my bedroom door like a crazed rapist. He jumped me right away. Huge hard cock straight up my soaked willing cunt. What a fuck he gave me. The matress pounding. His mouth greedily devouring my stretched rigid nipples. Big coarse hands mauling my tightly swollen tits. Rolling tit hard against tit. Nipple against nipple. Suckling on me. Chewing on me. Tounge-whipping every inch of each tightly gripped bouncing tit. I swear I came the moment his cock entered me. And countless times afterward. That night I got my cunt tongued like I'd never imagined. He literary fed on my hard budded clit at times and I came...again and again I came. Hollering and moaning for all I was worth. Totally giving myself to this depraved stranger. I sucked and drank from his cock. I never knew a mans balls could produce such lavish amounts of spunk. His big hard cock spewed the stuff in big spewing torrents that had me squeeling with abandoned delight. Especially when he sprayed my tits. Absoloutely saturated them in spunk, he did. That night I was sucked and fucked like I'd often imagined it could be like. The man eventually left me not long after five. It was already daylight and the birds were chirping. I only found out his name just before he left. Seamus now fucks me regularly throughout those nights my hubby works. He's a little older then me - early forties - and he knows I'd never actually leave my hubby. He told me he'd often wanked off watching me by the window from his hidden spot at the bottom of the garden. He said the impulse to actually fuck me simply got the better of him on the night he 'came out' He knows I am now addicted to his huge cock. And he's perfectly happy with that. Will keep you posted!