Written by sexy legs aka stillettoshoes

9 Jan 2005

was driving down m1 towards sheffield sth turn last night

felt a little tired so decided to take a little break

i drove off at junction 30 of m1 and headed towards newark

as i approached the roundabout at the top i turned left and noticed

i had pulled out just behind a silver vauxhall omega

the reg plate seemed familiar to me i was trying to think why ???

so i followed it at the next roundabout and turned right and then left and left again

there was a pub called the treble bob. thought will have a pint and an hours break

needd the rest.

as i parked the car i noticed a man and a woman get out of the car and approach the

the entrance. i was quite a distance away but nocied she was wearing boots and a shortish skirt

i thought to myself this might be a nice way to spend an hour or so.

after a few minutes i walked into the pub and noticed the bar straight in front of me

and this couple standing there. my eyes nearly popped out of my head and my cock

strained at my trousers ( i hang free when out on these occasions, driving, for comfort )

and i nearly shot my load there and then, god i thought to myself she is wearing seams,

they must be stockings and such a short skirt what a great lovely tarty bitch she looks.

i made it my goal to find out somehow if they were stockings or not.

i move to the left of the bar and bought my drink and a packet of crisps, i was starving.

i noticed the couple had moved over to the smkoing seated area and whilst i was at the bar

the lady was sat with her back to me, shit i thought how the hell will i find out.

i visited the loo to see if i cud see anything from that angle but to no avail.

there was a seat near three people available which must have had a good view

but i decided to return to my original post.

i moved over to play the fruit machines for a while and sat in the food seating area to the

left as you walk in. there was abt 6 turkish, i think, guys eating contract workers i guess.

after a few minutes i noticed the guy go to the bar and his lady wife was sat there

looking at her mobile and then adjusting her make up. her legs as she sat there looked

out of this world, i thought i may get a glance of her triangle but her handbag was in the way

on her knee.

shortly afterwards the guy returned to what had been her chair with the drinks.

i noticed she had put her handbag down and was pulling her skirt down. she sat there

with her legs crossed at ankle height and thus her legs and thigh were slightly apart, this is it

i thought and as she eased forward i noticed that the skirt had ridden a little higher and

the inner part of her left thigh just above her strocking top was clearly visible. yes good lord she is wearing stockings !!!

again i nearly came in my pants. i sat around with these few guys gazing accross at her

from time to time and noticed that she was moving her feet and thus her thighs and stocking tops

came into view and disappeared as she did it what a turn on.

i noticed a couple of the guys visit the ciggie machine which was close by them and sneak a crafty

look at her whilst there. when they came back i heard one of them say what a classy lady

the best in here great legs she has and that skirt it is so short but very lovely.

the lady crossed her right knee over her left one but regret to advise cud only see her lovely legs

no stocking tops to be seen that bloody twerp of a hubby of hers had his legs in the way.

after a short period she uncrossed her legs and sat there a little carelessly again and once

again the stocking top and white thigh of her left leg was visible.

this was a great turn on to me and the other guys i reckon as they spoke in their foreign language

i was certain they were discussing this lovely lady.

the lady then crossed her left knee over her right one but again only lovely legs on show.

i took another visit to the loos for a better view but nothing more cud be seen

i wondered if she was wearing any knickers and whilst thinking of the same took the

first cubicle and quickly pulled myself off thinking of those lovely legs and stocking tops.

as i returned to my seat i noticed another two of the foreign guys has visited the ciggie machine

for a quick peek ( i was starting to wonder if these guys had been invited along for a show,

as i have heard of this sort of thing going on )

the lady had her legs again slightly apart and stocking top of her left thigh onshow again.

shortly after i sat down she got up very correctly and didnt show a thing, how clever she did

i was sure i wud get a glimpse but nothing at all, she walked to the bar with nearly all the males

eyes out on match sticks gorping at thisd lovely lady in a very short skirt , boots and seams

which i knew where stockings, i am sure if anyone else other than her and her hubby did.

hoe the hell cud she wear such a short skirt and stockings !!! glad she did because she looked

so beautiful, sexy, tarty and slutty too.

not long after she returned to her chair and gave me another little flash of her stocking top

was this being done intentionally i thought.

just as it was time to go i remebmered that i had seen this lady before in a couple of pubs

further south wearing a short skirt and stockings with the occasional flash.

(acctual e mail from one of our meets )