Written by Alan and Tina

11 Jan 2004

(As the couple mentioned in Alickscotland45 story on 4th January 04 we have decided to post our side of his story of our meet with him)

We had been living in England for a few years now after moving here from the Tropical, third world country where I had been working. The move from there to a cold, developed country like England had brought many changes to our lives. We had found it difficult to get into a social life and this told in our fast developing “couch potato” attitudes.

Whilst we were abroad we had in our past, socialised to the full. We had been surrounded by friends and activity. We ate out at least twice a week and entertained guests at least once a week. There was hardly a day that we did not have some social event planned. We worked hard and played harder.

During this hectic time we had quite a few erotic encounters, which sometimes led to mind blowing liaisons. We had very strict rules governing our sexual activities and whilst these were selective and occasional, they were always well planned. There were one or two evenings that did not live up to our expectations but these we put down to experience.

We had both aged and put on a bit of weight. There had been a few times were we sat on the Internet and looked at the adverts. A few times we tried making contact, but this was done half-heartedly and nothing came of it. Our liaisons in the past had mainly been from meeting people, becoming friends and then developing into sexual situations. This was the first time we were trying to make contact through a contacts list.

We began to think that those days of our lives had come to an end. For months we didn’t bother. Our own sex life was still going strong but we both missed the contact we had had with other broad-minded people.

I used to enjoy reading the erotic stories posted on some of the sights. When I found one, which appealed to me, I would show Tina. She would read them and the ones she really enjoyed, she would save in a folder. We spiced up our own sex life through the experience of others. Most of the stories were of Wham, Bam Thank you maam. No erotic build up just “ I fucked her like there was no tomorrow”.

One evening I was reading the latest stories and came across one, where a man had made contact with a couple. It was well written and what made it different was that he had enjoyed pleasuring the woman in conjunction with the husband. He showed a lot of concern for the woman’s feelings. Not once did he mention the size of his penis. His sole concern was to pleasure her. At the bottom of the story he had given an email contact address, which is also unusual.

I read the story to Tina, who I could tell was aroused by the events related. We looked through the profiles but could not find one relating to the author “Alick”. I suggested we email him at the address given. Tina was quite sceptical about this. Its one thing to read a sexy story but to start a contact without knowing what you are getting into is quite risky.

We finally decided to write a short letter asking him if he had a profile we could look at. In the email I gave him a brief description of ourselves and told him how we had enjoyed his story. We were looking to contact broad-minded people without having to commit ourselves. Friendship was more important than a quickie.

Alick sent us an email and told us more about himself, he also sent us a photograph of himself, standing fully dressed outside a shop. Tina mentioned she thought he looked nice and was glad he hadn’t sent an undraped photograph at this stage. In his email Alick wanted to know what we expected from him and us to send him photographs of ourselves.

We emailed back with 2 recent photographs showing us fully clothed. We told him we didn’t expect anything from him except to be himself and honest.

Alick replied almost immediately and asked us for stories and sexy photographs. He sent us an explicit photograph of himself lying naked on a bed.

I wasn’t happy to send nude photographs to a person we hardly knew. They could end up splashed across the Internet and it went against the strict rules we had set for ourselves. Tina and I enjoy erotic pictures but we don’t like gynaecological type photographs, which you often see on the web pages. We prefer sexy suggestive photographs, which leaves something to the imagination.

The emails were beginning to worry me, as all our intimate details were being exposed and whilst we had nothing to hide or be ashamed of, we did want them kept private.

I had taken a photograph of Tina in her white semi-transparent nightwear. She was sitting in a lounge chair, to me she looked very sexy as you could see her cleavage and a lot of leg. I edited the photograph by putting an oval white haze around the border. We sent this to Alick, whose responses were always immediate and complimentary. Tina had written a story relating our first experience. This was a long sexy story of seduction. The story hadn’t been finished but had enough foreplay and build up to make it very sensual. We sent this to Alick, giving him an idea of what our likes and dislikes were.

Alick responded with stories of his own. Asking for more from us.

I had noticed a change in Tina, since we had established contact. She was starting show signs of her old self. She enjoyed Alick’s reaction to her story and really enjoyed reading of his escapades.

I decided far more would be achieved if telephone contact could be made. We could give him far more information and get to know him better than these constant emails.

I sent him an email with Tina’s mobile number and suggested he could phone us.

A few nights later we had a call. I answered the phone and a voice, who I knew to be Alick, from the strong Scottish accent, said “Hello its Alick here” He sounded very nervous and was keen to get off the phone as soon as possible, he said a quick hello to Tina and rang off. I was surprised, as Alick had come across as very experienced in making contact with a lot of people. It was actually quite nice to know that he was just as cautious and apprehensive as we were.

Tina was quite intrigued with his voice as she had been a big Sean Connery fan.

We received an email message the next from Alick, who told us it was great to be able to put voices to our photographs. He admitted that he had been very nervous about making contact but now that the ice had been broken, he would be contacting us again soon.

In her story, Tina had said that she liked to shave her pubic hair. Alick seemed really turned on by this and asked her if she still shaved. By now there were daily text messages and Tina and Alick seemed to be at ease with each other.

Tina was certainly getting turned on with all the attention and would often get home from work flushed and excited. Our sex life became more passionate and I would talk to her during sex about what Alick was going to do to her.

I decided it was time to meet as Alick had the right attitude and I was sure that even if we didn’t go all the way, we would enjoy an evening together.

I told Alick in a telephone conversation, that Tina and I had a few days leave due and that as I had never been to Edinburgh, we were planning to spend a long weekend there and that it would be great to meet him.

He seemed totally stunned. He obviously hadn’t thought about actually meeting. He said it was too soon and that we should spend more time emailing and getting to know more before meeting. He thought another three months would be a good idea.

I wasn’t prepared to carry on with tons of information over the Internet. From the time we had made contact, things had been progressing nicely and each contact had brought more excitement, if this carried on for too long it would start becoming routine and lose its eroticism.

I told Alick it would be nice to meet him but if couldn’t make it, we would still be coming to Edinburgh for a long week end.

Tina and I organised our leave and told Alick we would be coming to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks. Could he recommend the best place to stay etc?

Once Alick knew we were serious, he had got used to the idea he started planning his workload to be available at that time. We agreed that if we did meet there was no pressure from either side. It was merely a chance to have a few drinks together and to talk face to face.

Alick started warming to the idea and the emails and text messages became more frequent. Tina was also warming to the idea especially as she now knew that Alick wouldn’t rush in forcing her into something she wasn’t ready for.

Alick sent us a questioner. This was excellent as he would pose a question and then give us his answer. The questioner started off with a few basic questions, like what are your favourite colours? The questions then progressed to, what was your naughtiest moment? Or what is your biggest fantasy?

This was great as it gave us a good idea of Alick’s thinking and as we answered, we found a lot of good sexy memories being recalled. It also gave us a chance to express our own fears and desires.

At this stage Tina was looking forward to meeting but said the chances of her going further was less than 40%. Whilst she found the contact very stimulating, it was difficult for her to picture a sex scene, within minutes of actually meeting.

We talked a lot about Alick, we both felt he was a very nice person, with a very high sex drive. We had come to the place were we felt we could tell him of certain incidents, without him being disgusted or thinking badly of us. On the contrary this seemed to turn him on and the way he reciprocated with stories of his own, made us believe that he felt the same way about us.

One night quite late Alick phoned and told Tina he was in his robe and that he was watching an erotic movie. Once she had put the phone down, she told me, I could see she was highly aroused. I slid my hand between her legs, her cunt was wet. I pushed her onto the bed and started sucking her toes and working my way up her legs, she was squirming and groaning. It didn’t take long before shuddered with a long orgasm.

I asked why she hadn’t had telephone sex with him, as it had been the perfect opportunity? Tina had often fantasised about this and we had had a few occasions when I had telephoned her and she masturbated. I told her I thought that Alick would like to listen to us making love, whilst he was on the phone.

This was significant of the trust we had built up with Alec. Something like this could do a lot of damage. He could burst out laughing or be disgusted.

The week prior to us going to Edinburgh, Tina and I agreed that we were on rations. This meant that we could not reach orgasm for the whole week. Considering we make love every day and with the added stimulation, sometimes more, it was not easy to do.

Tuesday 2 December, I was upstairs in the computer room. The mobile rang, it was Alick he was at work and was just phoning to say hello. Whilst we were talking, Tina knelt in front of me. Undid my belt and started taking down my trousers, she pulled my cock out and started teasing it with her tongue. My cock was hard and she started to suck my helmet as she slid her hand on my balls and then up the shaft. I was getting turned on. In the meantime Alick was talking about work etc. Alick and I had never spoken to each other about sexual things but with things developing around my cock, I asked him if he was looking forward to being with Tina? He seemed a bit confused and answered something to the effect that he was looking forward to meeting both of us. I asked him if he knew what we were doing right now and that I wanted him to talk to Tina and ask her what was happening to her. He seemed totally confused. (Can’t blame him) I lifted Tina head off my cock and started kissing her. I could hear Alick stammering and stuttering on the other end. I stood up and gave the phone to Tina as I kicked my pants off. I guided her down the passage to our bedroom and gently pushed her onto our bed. I started to undress her, I told her to tell him what we were doing. Tina was sopping, my tongue was busy on her clit, and my hands were above her mound, stretching her cunt backwards. I ran my tongue over her clit and down to her opening and pushed my tongue inside her. By now she was really groaning and battling to tell Alick what was happening. I pushed her knees up and open. I started probing her bum with my finger, it was so wet my finger slipped in easily. “Oh god that feels good, I’m so close….Yesss” Her breathing had really deepened and the juices were flowing out of her. She pulled my head into her with one hand and announced she was cuming. Her juices gushed all over my face, I carried on gently sucking her even after she told me no more. All this time she had been having a semi conversation with Alick and judging by the running commentary, he was asking all the right questions.

I worked my way up Tina and slid my cock into her. God! She was so wet. I started sliding in and out of her slowly, building up again. I don’t think she had actually stopped cumming from the blowjob and it wasn’t long before she started cumming again. All this was getting too much for me and I shot and shot and shot…….

After a whilst we came back to earth, whilst Tina carried on talking to Alick I went downstairs to make supper. Oh well, so much for rations.

The call had been a great icebreaker. All our inhibitions had gone and we had shared a very erotic experience. The effect it had on Alick, He couldn’t stop texting wow.

He told Tina how much the situation had turned him on and how he wished he could have been there. He also told her that he had been on duty and had walked around with a hard on he couldn’t do anything about. His fellow workers were confused by his extra jovial mood and had asked him what had brought it on.

At work Tina had been receiving and sending a lot of text messages and sometimes her and Alick would phone each other. They had moved from total strangers to virtual lovers in a very short time……and they hadn’t even met yet.

Tina was worried that when we did meet, Alick might not find her attractive. Alick was worried that Tina might not find him attractive. I thought they were both worrying for nothing, from the way things were building, I was sure once they met, I would be forgotten as they would be tearing each others clothes off and………..Jesus who knows with these two sex fiends………

Thursday 04 December. Only 2 more sleeps as Alick informed us he couldn’t wait. He phoned that nigh and told Tina he couldn’t stop thinking about Tuesday night and had wanked over it. Tina asked him where he was and what was he wearing? He told her he was in his room, wearing his robe and that he was watching a porn movie. We were lying on our bed, I was caressing and sucking her. She asked him to touch himself and tell her what he was doing and what he was going to do to her. A similar situation developed as Tuesday night. The difference was that Alick was now in a position where he could participate. He told Tina what he was doing and she encouraged him. The more turned on he got the more hot she became, the more I battled to keep control. Alick started cumming……. Tina came……..Bloody hell I wasn’t going to be left out I started as well………

Tina was now 120% sure she was going to have Alick Saturday night………..More ways than one……………..