Written by Ted

10 Apr 2014

I was recalling to my friend about the time I visited a nudist beach in southern Spain, I had already spied out the place and the group of women and girls whom visited the spot, so up early found a car parking area just 50 metres from spot X - and laid out my area - two windbreakers and a sheet spread between the poles to make my sunshade ready for the midday heat - I laid out my beach blankets and got my portable gas kitchen going, the sausages doing nicely, but it was the Spanish onions frying that was going to make me some attention, I always buy Vienna coffee with fig seasoning - great taste and what an aroma - the women arrived first just maybe 7 feet away - sitting back I watched a group striptease, tits of all sizes, bending over showing arses and fannies, some shaved others trimmed down, how could you not get a hard on - I was dirty minded voyeur, pulled myself more behind the windbreakers - still watching - and had a wank under a towel - the onions frying and the smell of the coffee was going there way and about 10 minutes passed when one of the women about 40yo came over - seeing my union jack bag - she said hello - her name was Teresa - I said hi sit down would she like some food or a coffee - she settled for a coffee - sitting down now inches away, her tits were nice but I was more interested in her fanny - her cunt lips were demolishing me, I said please excuse me, and pointed to my now hard cock sticking up, I laughed and said beautiful vaginas have that affect on it, do you think that mine is beautiful then she said, I said I would like it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she thought that was funny, and by instinct put her hand on her cunt and sort of rubbed it with her fingers, I said while your having your coffee, I hope you don't mind me admiring you, I am flattered she said - moving around she was now facing towards me and opened her knees well apart so her cunt was now winking at me, with one hand holding her coffee - she put her other hand and fingered her fanny - how I never jumped on her and fucked her there and then I don't know, anyway this continued for about 20 minutes and she asked where I was staying, I said I had an apartment a few kilometres away, and she said maybe we could meet up - if she had suggested a million miles I would have said yes - as it was I arranged to go to her Hotel, she said would I mind if her room mate was there - no problem.

Now this little adventure ended with 5 nights of lust - I fucked, sucked and fingered, and got back everything, on the 5th night, it was start of period time - but it got me a wonderful shag with her room mate, whom had sometimes just laid by us and fingered herself, now she was maybe 20yo not big breasts but a tight cunt, she gripped my cock with her cunt and the sensation of holding my foreskin back as I pumped away was fantastic, the only time I ever had a fuck that good was with a Thai bar girl aged unknown. as things do we swopped phone numbers and promised to meet next year - never got around to it, as life takes us - but I never forgot Teresa - always good memories of Spain.