Written by keith

22 Dec 2003

my wife and i often talked about 3somes but it was only a fantasy. she didnt know that i am bi until one day it all came out like this.

i was looking for some fun one day in a gay toilet, when this guy stands next to me and gets out a really huge cock,now i dont know wy but i said ide like to see that going in my wife.anyway to cut it short he said yes [he was bi] i phoned my wife and after a bit of persuading she said yes.when igot him home my wife ws sat looking a bit nervous but she had made herself up and put on some sexy clothes .a very thin cream silk dress that was not quite see through stockings suspenders and a tiny pair of silk knickers, as she is a size 12 she looked great ,luckily she liked the look of the guy and we soon got chatting i put a porno film on to get things moving pretty soon soon i could see her start to moe to ease the itch on her cunt lips and in a few minutes her silk skirt was round her waist legs wide open as she rubbed her now wet slippery cunt through her knickers as she wanked his cock,he very soon replaced her fingers with his cock.i sat and watched as he fucked his huge cock into her willing sex slot she was panting and moaning ,i just had to join in.i stuck my cock in his mouth,for a moment my wife looked stunned then she started cumming it just spurted from hercunt allover his prick abd balls ,i spurted inhis mouth ihad my hand round his cockand felt it flex so pulled it out and got my mouth over his bell endto catch his cum mixed with my wifes juices it was fantastic.my wife and i had a long dicussionafter this and now understand each others needs a lot better