Written by kitty

26 Jun 2003

I met you on the swingers site, feeling hot, horny and very dirty, i ask for anyone near Liverpool, wanting to meet now and fulfill my fantasies. I gaveyou my address and quickly showered, making sure I rubbed the soap everywhere, teasing my pussy and clit, imagining it was you, your hands and your tongue. I put my black silk thong and dressing gown on and went downstairs to open a bottle of wine, waiting for you. You promised to arrive soon and i sat on the sofa rubbing my clit, gently opening my pussy lips and inserting my fingers, waiting for you.You rang the doorbell and i opened it for you, allowing you into the hallway. as i smiled and unfastened my dressing gown, rubbing my nipples which were pink and swollen. I asked you if you wanted to go upstairs and led the way with you behind and pulling my nipples. I gasped and took you straight to the bedroom, getting wet with excitement. I didn't even know your name but wanted it badly. You ran your hand up my thigh and reached for my wet pussy, feeling its juices on your fingers. I stood in front and teased my nipples as you ripped your clothes off, running my hands over my breasts, my stomach and down to my aching pussy. You threw me on the bed and instantly began to suck me, your tongue teasing my pussy lips, gently biting my clit before you thrust your tongue in my hot wet cunt. I came instantly, wanting more and more. You placed your finger in me, pushing, circling, stretching me and i begged for more. Soon you used two then three then four fingers as i thrust my hips towards you. You then knelt in front of me as i pleaded for you to fuck my mouth. your cock huge and swollen as i swallowed it harder, deep and deeper, tasting your pre cum at the back of my throat. My hands grabbing your arse as you thrust my mouth, deeper and faster sucking you, you give a hard thrust and pull my hair as you cum in my mouth and on my face. You lie face down on the bed as i lean over you and massage your arse cheeks, slowly parting them to start licking your anus, circling with my tongue then darting in and out.You got hard again and threw me off you, forcing me onto all fours as your cock parts my pussy, thrusting deep. I feel your balls slap against me as your finger massages my clit and my cunt clenches your cock. You pull out of me and I scream no, no fuck me hard. Your huge throbbing cock pushes into my arse as i gasp in delight, you feel it hot and tight around you. You thrust deep and deeper, almost splitting me in half as i start to cum again. You feel me buck towards you and your fingers enter my pussy, feeling my cunt clench around them and the silky, smooth, thin wall that seperates your thrusting cock and my hot wet pussy. I shake and beg you to never stop as you fill my arse full of fuckjuice. You pulled out after my clenching arse milked your cock of cum and inserted your fingers, offering them to me to suck clean. You dressed and then went home. Can't wait to try it again.