Written by Chris

30 Sep 2006

We were invited to a fancy dress party, a few weeks ago, I asked my husband Andy to find something suitable in the dress hire shop, he was extreemly busy that week and left it till the Friday night to go the the shop, he came home with a Strawberry Shortcake Doll outfit, now if you don't know what she looks like let me tell you, she is a rag doll dressed in American out back clothes, you know the sort of thing "little house on the prairy, but very short, the outfit consisted of a top shoulderless, with little puffy sleeves, it only came down to about half way between my bust and navel, the skirt, that's an exageration in it's self, a wide waist band would have been nearer to it's description, it only just covered my thong, standing up, I wished I had some ordinary pants but unfortunatly I only ever wear a thong, finished with thick candy striped stockings, hold up's at least I didn't have sussies showing, as well as every thing else.

I looked in the mirror and thought OMG, what do I look like, a cross between a little girl of to her friends birthday party and a hooker, I'm not short, at five feet seven, and my height is mostly down to my long legs, I'm quite slim size 10 with a 34dd bust, Andy thought I looked great, but then he's a man and anything reaveling is great to them isn't it, he had a 007 outfit, and looked very suave and sexy, I quite fancied stripping him off and teaching him not to make me look like a hooker, but we were late, so off we went, I sat in the car my tiny skirt rode up as I sat down exposing my thong and quite a bit of naked flesh either side.

We arrived to be met at the door by my mate she took one look at me and said WOW you look sexy, I said something about looking like a tart, she reassured me telling me I looked really good, I did say she was a mate, and we do lie to each other from time to time, mostly to bolster each others confidence, but as I walked into thier lounge every eye was on me. looking round I knew I had the very sexiest outfit on and they were all staring at me, I said sorry about the dress it was Andy that brought it home for me and too late to change it, they all congratulated Andy on his choise, I was not going to win.

We all finished up in thier garden around the BBQ and the wine was flowing, My mate proudly showing off her new teak patio table and chairs delivered this very afternoon, by now I had given up trying to cover up it was impossible and just let my thong show when I sat down, the wine helped, after the fourth glass it didn't seem quite such an outreagous outfit, the music was playing and as Andy don't or won't dance I was asked to by most of the men, thier hands were getting more adventurous with each dance, touching my naked backside as they swayed to the music with me in thier arms, I was getting quite arroused by all this handling, by other men, not something I would normally allow, but the wine and the fact that Andy had put me in this situation, dulled my shyness, to the point where I was definatly enjoying the attention I was getting.

The party started to thin out about eleven, we went indoors but it was still warm outside, so we used the patio to dance on, I was dancing with Steve my best mates hubby, his hands were all over me, I said stop it your a married man, he replied yes and your a married woman, but that doesn't mean I can't fancy you like hell, I said what about Jan he said look through the door and see what she's doing, I looked and she was kneeling between my husbands knees with his cock in her mouth, at first I was furious, storming into the lounge asking what the hell was going on, she smiled up at me her mouth still full of Andy's cock and winked, she took her mouth away just long enough to say well you've fancied Steve for long enough why don't you do something about it, there were only the four of us left, or at least that's what I thought.

After calming down a bit I looked at Jan feasting on my mans cock and I must admit it turned me on, not that it took much, I had been mauled by umpteen men and was still looking like a hooker, I heard Andy groan and knew he was about to come, I couldn't take my eyes off them as he stiffened and shot his hot sticky stuff into my best mates mouth, I could feel Steve behind me stroking my bum, naked except for a tiny thong, he was getting closer and closer to my pussy, eventually his finger slipped into me making my knees go all weak, Andy and Jan had changed places and he was giving her the most wonderful head, I know, because he's so good at it, Steve led me outside, sitting me on the edge of thier new patio table he opened my legs, I made no attempt to stop him, but didn't encourage him either, I was sort of in a trance, enjoying it but not quite beliving I had got into this situation.

He eased my thong to one side and buried his head into my pussy, he was good, yes just as good as my husband, and had me moaning in no time at all, I climaxed, so quickly he had only been tongueing me for about two minutes, he tried to strip me of my outfit but I wasn't drunk enough to let him strip me outside with the lights on, his neighbours would have had a field day, we went back inside to see Andy fucking Jan on her knees on the carpet, I can still see her tities swinging in time with his thrusts, I will never know what made me do it but I laid on the floor under her, reaching up to fondle her soft tits, I could feel Steve stripping my clothes off, but didn't care any more, Jan lowered her body letting her tits srtoke my face, I sucked a nipple into my mouth, she groaned with preasure, I could feel my legs being lifted up and the next thing I knew was a big hot cock searching for my hole, he found it and thrust his cock deep inside me making me climax again, I felt so abandoned, just wanting more and more, of something I had only ever thought about in bed with Andy, you know the sort of thing we tell each other when we are making love just fantasy, to make a good session even better.

Jan was having a great orgasm, writhing on top of me making it difficult to hold her tittie in my mouth, I was damn close too, and then it hit me, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, it started in my toes and rushed up my body like a train going through a station, it hit the top of my head making me loose it for a few seconds, I could feel his cock still pumping into me but it was as if it was another woman, not me, laying there sucking anothers womans tits and being fucked by my mates hubby, while my man was still shafting her hard and strong, I felt Steve push harder as he neared his climax, thinking he would pull it out, as I'm not on the pill any more as we want to start our own family, but no he rammed it hard into me as he shot his spunk deep indside my unprotected womb.

We were all spent for a while and just layed on the carpet in a sort of post orgasmic bliss, when there was a voice from just out on the patio, it was two of the men came back after they had seen thier wives to bed, asking if the party was still going on, they walked in to see all four of us naked on the floor, my first responce was to grab my clothes and cover up, but remembered they wouldn't cover much and as the other three were not worried, I braved it out, they asked if this was a private party, but them answered themselves by saying but we have invitations don't we, that of course was true they had been invited hadn't they, it was a bit strained for a few minutes before Jan asked them to get the wine, we all had a large glass and before I knew what was happening the two newcomers had stripped off, Ken the boldest said why don't you girls give your men a nice blow job while we fuck your brains out, crude sod, but we did what he suggested and kneeling over our own man we licked and scuked as the other two got stuck into us from behind, it was just so sexy I couldn't imagine being so hot, so wanton, so in need of the hard fucking I was getting, I do remember thinking if I am not carefull Andy will get hard again and want to fuck me or Jan again, but that thought was driven from my head as another orgasm hit me, Ken was gripping my hips as he powered his cock into me, so despite the fact I would have collapsed, I was held on his big cock as he used me, Andy's cock was big again and I sucked it as hard as I could, I knew he would come in my mouth any moment and he did just as Ken shot another huge helping of hot come into my still unprotected pussy, I have read stories of women having two cocks at the same time and both of them filling her, but the description in writing cannot describe the feeling I had at that moment, because I was climaxing with them.

I don't want to bore you with any more detail just to say we were fucking and playing with each other all night, and Jan's new patio table got well and truly christened in the early dawn light as both Jan and me were taken by all four of them, it was a night that I will remember forever, it was the first time any other man had touched me intimatly let alone what those four randy devils did to me, another first was playing with another woman, I had never imagined myself touching a woman, never even thought about it, but I did it that night.

We have talked about what happened and both agree it was fun, but neither of us want to make it a feature of our marraige, and Jan enjoyed what we did to each other but is not looking for any relationship except our friendship, only one thing bothers me what hell do I do if I'm pregnant?