Written by Zoe

9 Feb 2005

I'm an american from a small town in conservative USA. So when I first entered the scene I didn't even know the lifestyle I enjoy had a label. Recently I had a chance to exspand on my exsperiences. I should state now a short description of myself. 24/F/pagan. Short, a bit chunky, (why lie? More guys then not like it) redhair & cute.

Well when I arrived at this swapping house party I had already polished off half bottle of crown, and was feeling quite warm & fuzzy. Wearing my short black velvet strap dress, and four inch heels, and hair in hussy curls, I was feeling like a sex starved kitten to boot.

"Hey, cutie gurl, what's up?" Jeanie greeted me as I walked through the door. This was her party, and I felt like kicking myself .She was in a baggy tee-shirt & blue sarong. I felt way to dressed up.

"Not much, just feel like an ass." I replied.


"Cause I'm way overdressed."

"Shit, don't be silly, you look fuckin hot, & in a few moments those dicks in dere' is gonna be strippin your ass naked like everyone eles."

I knew she was right as I came into the front room after dropping my coat in the hutch.

I picked up a premix drink off the liquer counter and looked around the dim lit room strewn with pillows, and countless tangles of nude bodies.

"Damn, I could eat you." A male voice whispered as a hand stroked down my back and the beneath the hem of my dress.

"Oh, hey." I said as I turned to see this guy named Jon, who I had met a couple of times before.

"How you been doing?" I asked as I set my empty cup aside.

"Pretty good, though not as good as now." He replied as he took my hand and placed it against the black sarong he was wearing. I could feel his erection growing stiff.

" I can tell."

"Why don't we head to the other room, it's quiter in there, and roomery." Jon said as he glanced his head towrds the full front room.

"Sure, but.." I cut off

"But what?" He raised a brow at me.

Now don't get me wrong, Jon is a damn handsome man, whose been known to rock a lotta girls jocks, and a chicks just gotta admire a tall, built man, espeacilly when He's thick & hung.

" Well, you see Jon, I'm just not use to all this, I'm not well skilled as I havn't had many chances to learn."

I was blushing furiously with my eyes on my shoes as I told him this.

" So your a little inexsperienced. So what. I know you're new to the group Zoe. And I don't expect to do anything you're not cool with. You shouldn't feel ashamed,"

I was looking at him by now, noticing how handsome his face was.

"Besides why do you have to be skilled, just be natural, all the rest will come to you."He finished saying.

" You know you're right, lets go." I said before grabbing hand and starting to take off down the hall.

" Hold up." Jon said as he grabed me and threw me up over his sholder.

"Over doing it, don't you think?" I smugly giggled at him.

"Not at all." He laughed then gave my ass a firm swat with his hand to steady me there.

Lucky us there was only one other couple in the room when we got there. I could just make out the forms of Terry, and Annie. I didn't know to much about Annie. Only that she was taller then me, a bit heavier, blonde, late 20's to mid-thirties. Very nice, and friendly.

Terry (A late thirties guy, who looked twenty-five, with shocky black hair, nice dark skin, tall, and thick all over.) on the other hand I hand known for about a year.

We had met at Ozz fest the year before, partied togeather, drank togeather, then had the intimate wonder of steadying each over the flusher the next morning. (That trend between us still continues) Things had never been serious with us, but the tension was there.

Well the first thing Jon did was lay me un the bed. Then began kissing me. pinned beneath him I could definatly tell I would be able to feel him. My muscles began to relax as I started enjoying the taste of his lips. I will say this for this group of men, they're much cleaner then other guys.

Jons hand began to tease my body then, making me shiver as he trailed his fingers over my thighs, then parting them to touch between.

"My goodness, you are over dressed, lets fix that, 'kay."

He growled into me ear then began pulling my dress up over my head. I had worn underwear with my dress,(I was new to this after all.) Black panties with lace garter for my stockings, and a see through mesh black bra.

Jon's eyes were examining me now, and I began to feel very self-consious. I started to cross my arms over my waist but he stopped me and said "No, I like seeing you, you're gorgious and have nothing to hide."

He then grazed his fingers and hook them into my panties, pulling them slowly off.

"I'll help with the shoes,"I said as I leaned up.

with their crossing strapps it's a feat to get them off.

"No, I like em on." He pressed me slowly back down, then dipped his head down between my spread stockinged legs and precede to lick, nip, and suck me into heaven.

His fingers reached up and piched my hard nipples through the bra. (Though this bra is so thin and tight it's not really like wearing one.) I was moaning, and grabing his soft hair between my fingers,

" Stop, I can't take it anymore." My voice rasped out.

He looked up concerned. "Am I hurting you?' He asked sincerly

"No, oh gods, it just feels so good!" I panted.

To which he responded to by giving a smile, then starting again more determined then before.

Within secounds, or minutes I don't remember, I had fireworks ripping through the backs of my eyes, my body shook and I cried out loud, I can't remember what I cried out, but then I truely thought I was being torn apart into the sky.

I must have been that way for awhile, because when my body stopped shaking and my panting eased up, Jon was laying next to me looking at me with the "cat ate the canery grin".

" You haven't had that happen before, have you?" He asked leaning up over me.

"No." I whisper back. Still breathing pretty heavy.

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, yeah I did."

"Good, I think you'll like this too then."

He then began to come over me and start kissing again.

I'm not a big fan of kissing, most guys are all about shallowing your face, the digging your guts out with their tongue, but his were deep, then light , soft, then hard, nibbling lips, flicking the tongue, no pattern, just lovely.

I could taste myself on him, and his kisses teased me, when I thought he'd go deeper he'd pull away, and the heat from earluer was creaping back into my belly. The sarong around he waist slipped away, then he pushed between my legs, lifting his head away, he leaned over to grab one of several dozen small velvet bags I had see all over the house earlier, then pulled out a plastic square.

"God, I didn't think about that." I said, angry with myself.

"Don't worry, everyone here is safe about this sort of thing, it the reason for the sacks."

He then opened the package and began to slip the condom over his erection. I'm not good with measures, so I can't give an exact measurement, but from a guesse I'd say he's about seven inches, and very thick, much thicker then any of the three guys I had ever slept with.

"You're in luck" He said breaking my sight away from his dick.

"Ribbed."He finished with a knowing grin.

Then again leaning down between my legs, he postioned himself for entry and pushed in a little.

"Ohhh," I gasped. Just his head strecting me felt like too much.

"Shush, I'll stop."

"No, don't I want this, I want you!" I cried out in rush, holding my arms around the back of his neck.

"We'll go slowly then, you can relax. Gods, you're damn tight."

"Sorry, I'm just not use to.."

"Shushhh, It's alright, you're perfect the way you are, and it's nice that your tight. Just relax, this pleasures for you not me."

He must have been reading my mind, I was very worried about pleasing him. I didn't know what to do, my last boyfriend had actually called me a dead fish one night as I lay beneath him.

Jon began muttering soft words into me ear, cradling my head in one arm, while petting me with his free hand.

I didn't even notice at first as he began to slowly push back in, I had begun to let go and relax.

"I'm going to push in, you're not a virgin so there won't be that pain, but you very tight, I.."

This time it was me hushing him

"Yes, come into me." I whispered to him.

I wrapped my legs behind him, and felt him stretch me with his first thrust.

I tightened, causing us both to groan.

As soon as I relaxed again he pulled back, then sent another thrust up into me.

"Ohhhhhhh." I arced my spine up, This felt so good.

"Please, deeper." I growled "I want you all the way."

Beads of sweat were trickling down his chin, I could taste them on my lips.

Then leaning further in he pushed all the way in! I had him up to hilt!! Gods, nothing had ever felt so good. My heart was beginning to pound, and I could hear the blood in my head.

He began a rythum. My legs around his ass helping to force him into me! My hips meeting him, It felt so good!

The exsplosion started to begin again, my moans were getting louder, he was moaning too, then he came down on me biting into my sholder, with a hard thrust I could feel him filling the condom with his cum, before I lost myself in extasty. Afterwards, (It took around twenty minutes for us to catch our breaths.)We lay snuggled togeather, completly spent.

Jon looked down at me and said. "Don't worry 'bout not being skilled, with what I'll teach you, and what you know now, you'll have every prick around at full attention just walking by."

Jon & I have become fast FWB (Friends with benifits.) And often enjoy parties togeather, as well as lovers. This is deedicated to him, my friend , my guide, my teacher, Jon.