Written by Michael S.

1 Mar 2006

This true story is about my first experience into group sex,well I mean 4sum.

At the time I was single,and was in my prime with many sex girl friends. My best friend Jon was also single but had a girlfriend (Linda )who was a air hostess. Linda was away in Spain working we thought so we decided to have a boys night out. Jon had told Linda he would`nt go out with me because she wrongly thought I would get him into trouble with girls. At about 1.00am I dropped Jon off at his house,but we both saw Linda at the window waving her arms at us both.Hey,we`re both in trouble now.So I made a quick retreat and headed off home. When I returned home the phone was ringing.It was Linda.She said that she was waving us in. Arn`nt you mad with me? No,come back we`re having a party,Sue my friend is here. I had met Sue before,she`s a great looking girl,who likes to party!!

Back at Jon and Linda`s the vodka was flowing freely.Very soon all four of us was merry. Then Jon suggested we have a game of strip poker!! He said the first Jack you receive you have to take off one piece of clothing. Great I thought,both the girls had great bodies,both were blondes ( but not true ) I was the first to completly undress,sitting there with my 8 inch cock fully erect! I tried to hide my erection but the vodka certainly made me brave.It was fantastic to watch the girls undress. I could`nt keep my eyes off Linda`s great tits and pussy. When we were all naked there was a lull in the mood.Then Jon said lets all go to bed? Iwas`nt sure who and where I should go? Do I go with Sue or somewhere else? The girls both lead me into master bedroom. We all got in and I out of manners started to kiss Sue.Sue responded by kissing my cock,about 10 seconds later Linda started by touching my chest,then kissing my neck and then french kissing my lips.Boy,it was great to have two girls giving me so much attention. Then Jon postioned himself so he could tonge fuck Sue. This then prompted Linda to go southwards to my cock. Linda was an expert on cock sucking,she knew how far to go without me spunking her mouth.She then got on top of me and said in a very loud voice " Fuck me,fucking hard and don`t fucking stop until I say so " Now I did what she said.I fucked her fast and furious,we were both sweating loads and both red faced.I am not too sure how long we were fucking for,probably 15 minutes,but when I came I filled her lovely cunt full of my cum. Next to us Jon and Sue were fucking doggy way,but to be honest Linda was the only girl for me that night.She was and still is the best fuck of my life. When the other lovers finished we did swap partners,but as I was fucking Sue I could`nt help for thinking wishing it was Linda taking my cock in her cunt. After about 2 hours Linda whispered to me how much she liked fucking me,well I said lets fuck again,now. We fucked on the kitchen table whilst the other two were asleep I think. The next morning,well midday,we were all a little shy about what had gone on. But Linda did say to me what a great fuck I am,and we must definatly have a repeat performance,with or without Jon!!

Its great to have friends like Linda and Jon?