Written by susanp

11 Jul 2006

I am an 18 year old student who has been looking at this site since my boyfriend left his pc switched on accidently. The thing I find great is that I used to think I was abnormal but now realise my fantasies are very normal, to the point I have started to act some of them out and its great.

Last week I was sitting in class during the hot weather with my shortish cotton dress on a thin loose bra and no knickers as I love to feel the air waft right up me. I was sitting at the front of the class when I realised that the teacher kept glancing up from his desk and looking at my legs. Suddenly it occurred to me that he could see right up my skirt and could see I had no knickers on so I opened my legs just a little to make sure he got a proper look.

His eyes nearly fell out out so feeling a litlle naughty I opened them much wide and squezzed my pussy muscles so they winked at him. I could see him blush and I could feel myself getting turned on at the power that I had.

Class finished and I let everyone else leave, what are you waiting for he asked, nothing sir I just need to tidy my desk is that ok. Fine he responded I have some marking to do, we both knew this was bull but went along anyhow.

I opened my legs again but with the desk lid up so he couldnt see my face but I could see in the windon reflection him looking straight up me. I lowered my hand under the desk and started to rub the front of my pussy slipping a finger in every now and then.

I lowered the desk lid to see him rubbing the front of his trousers, let me see sir I asked and with that he released his cock under then desk and started to rub it up and down.

I by now was using both hands one to spread my lips really wide the other to frig myself to oblivion, I could see his hand flash up and down his impressive cock and as if by magic he shot his load just as I was cumming. I could feel my cunt throbbing and could see huge globs of his spunk under the desk on his shoes and all over his knuckles.

I got up from my desk walked over to him took his hand and licked all the jizz from his hands letting it trail on my chin before wiping it off. See you next week sir I told him as I left him sitting there.

Stroll on next term