Written by Dan and Sarah

29 Jan 2005

I would like to share one experience that me and Sarah had whilst living in Southampton as students a couple of years ago. There is a hotel very near the town centre, opposite the police station, with a private swimming pool and other facilities. Normally this is strictly members only but during the day is was always very quiet, if not totally empty. Being students we had a lot of free time and used to make a habit of going down to use the facilities. The guy on the door of the fitness rooms just used to charge us a couple of quid each and we could have as long as we wanted, often all to ourselves.

It was a plush place and definitely put you in the mood, and when we were on our own we often used to get it on in the Jacuzzi next to the pool. This was all just normal playing around, we would wank each other off, or she would climb on me and bounce up and down in the bubbles.

On this particular day the place was empty. We were messing around in the Jacuzzi, but Sarah was teasing me, she really can be a little prick tease, and she loves the fact that she do that to me. This carried on for half an hour or so, then I suggested we go up to the sauna. There were two saunas with tinted glass doors, one joining on to the men’s changing room and one to the women’s. The hotel was strict about keeping the two separate, but the pool was empty and no-one else was around. I told Sarah to grab her towel and meet me in the sauna, in my changing room. I figured there’d be less trouble if there was a girl caught in the guys room than vice versa.

As I lay sweating in the sauna, my cock still throbbing and sweat running down my back Sarah came in, with a cheeky smile on her face. She knelt down in front of me took my hard dick in her hand and started to lick around the tip. She is too good at giving head and it felt so good as I lay back against the wall every bit of me pouring out sweat as my beautiful girlfriend sucked me off, head bobbing up and down and her sweaty blonde hair falling across her face.

I started to really relax and enjoy the moment. Then I saw a figure moving towards the door. The door opened and a guy in his late thirties stepped into the sauna. Sarah heard him come in and started to move away from me, but I cupped her head in my hands and pushed her head back down around my rock hard penis. It took a couple of seconds for the guy to focus, must have been the steam, but when he did he just stood there. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t move just stood there watching and looking at me.

As Sarah was kneeling in front of me I pulled her towel up towards me to reveal her beautiful bum. The guy still stood there. I don’t think he knew whether to stay or turn around or what to do. But there was no way he was going to walk out with Sarah’s bum on view in front of him.

I moved my hands down to Sarah’s waste and gently pulled her up so she was bent over in front of me still giving some gorgeous head. I told her that if she wanted she could open her legs for the guy standing behind her and let him get inside her, but she wasn’t allowed to stop sucking me off. She wasn’t allowed to see him, just let him have her and then he would walk away and she would never know who he was.

She proceeded to spread herself, her legs were now a couple of feet from each other, and with one hand on each side pulled her arse cheeks apart exposing what I can only imagine must have been the prettiest, sweatiest, glistening pussy for the guy to see.

The guy moved quickly now, his towel dropped to the floor and his big sweaty cock was climbing higher. He moved closer, put his hands around Sarah’s and pushed himself into her all the way up. I can’t describe what a massive turn on it was to have Sarah sucking me off and watching her taking another guy. I could feel her body starting to buck against him but she carried on sucking me, never once looking up, not even opening her eyes.

It was getting really hot. The guy was building up speed, really giving Sarah his full length and it was driving me wild. I could feel Sarah was pushing her hips back hard against him as he thrust into her. I could feel myself cuming and Sarah knew to, she quickly finished me off, sucking hard as I shot into her mouth, licking round my helmet to get every last drop. The guy started breathing heavily, thrusting harder and harder into Sarah and I could feel her hands tighten around my waist as he shot deep into her pussy and they stayed there for a moment.

Then he pulled out and Sarah collapsed back onto her knees in front of me exhausted. I didn’t say a word to the other guy, he picked up his towel and walked out of the sauna.

It was so hot in there, we were both exhausted. I pulled Sarah up on to me and her silky wet pussy rested on my thigh. Even though she was knackered she was still grinding her wetness into my leg.

Sarah never got to know who she had that day, but I don’t think she cared.