Written by luvsex_3

9 Jun 2006

A couple of Tuesdays ago i popped home from work to have some lunch with my wife i hadn't phoned her as i wanted to suprise her, as i drove my truck into the road all appeared to be normal, i parked up at the top of the road and walked down to our house and let myself in through the conservatory as i walked in i saw a pair of mens shoes that i new wern't mine, i peered into the living room and saw that knowone was there, as i walked through the room i could hear noises from upstairs instantly my cock began to grow inside my pants as i have always wanted to see my stunning wife getting fucked by a well hung guy, i stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened, i could hear my breathless wife panting " oh yessss deeper baby deeper" i gave my now very hard cock a squeeze through my jeans and crept up the stairs, when i got to the landing and peered through the crack in the door the site before me almost made me spunk in my pants, my stunning wife was sitting in the middle of our bed leaning against the headboard naked except for a pair of highheels her makeup and gorgeous blond hair were immaculate as ever and her lips were painted with sticky pink gloss she had her legs were spread wide and some guy had his heads buried between her legs licking her wet throbbing pussy, Helen had her hands on the back of his head pulling him deeper with every lick he gave her pussy " finger me aswell " she demanded "i really need to cum" the guy did as he was told and slid a couple of fingers deep into her, by now i had my cock out and was slowly wanking it the throbbing end was sticky with my pre cum jucies, Helen looked gorgeous her nipples were really hard and i new from her body language that she was close to cuming i pushed the door open a little more to get a better view of the action and suddenly Helen looked straight at me, as she saw me wanking she let out a long moan through gritted teeth and her whole body began to shake as a huge orgasm ripped through her sexy body the guy kept on licking her clit making her cum over and over until she pushed his head from between her legs, i could see her wet swollen pussy as she layed there, the guy kissed up her body to her lips and kissed her hard all the time Helen was looking at me and seeing how horny i was she obviously made up her mind to put on a show for me.

She undone the guys shirt and pulled it off of him and reached down to his trousers franticly undoing them before pushing her hand into his pants he let out a groan as she gripped his cock and slowly started to wank it " take off your things and lay on the bed" she said " i need to suck that hard cock " i watched as the guy took off the rest of his things Helen was kneeling on the bed playing with her pussy rubbing her clit while she kept sneeking glances at my hard cock as he lay on the bed i got my first glance of his cock and i could see why my wife was so horny as his cock was a good 8" and nice and thick, as he layed down she straddled his face and got in the 69 position the site of my wife slowly wanking that big cock was the horniest thing i had ever seen she kept looking over to me and smiling, once she'd wanked that foreskin right back over his purple end she lent forward and started to trace her wet tounge all over his thick shaft making sure that i could see everything that she was doing once his cock was wet she started sucking it deeper and deeper into her mouth between those sticky pink lips squeezing his balls as he licked her pussy, i knew the guy wouldn,t be able to last long between her expert lips and soon gasped that he was near cuming Helen stopped what she was doing and gave his cock a long hard squeeze, she turned around and straddled his cock i could see her grip his hard cock with one hand and spread her pussy with the other she rubbed that huge swollen tip around her pussy before sliding the whole thing inside her tight wet pussy they both let out groans of extasy Helen started to fuck that big cock slowly going up and down every inch loving the power that she had over both of us she leant forward so that he could suck her nipples whilst showing me what her pussy looked like crammed full of thick hard cock i could see her wetness on his cock as she slid up and down, the guy put a hand on each of her ass cheeks and pulled them apart giving me an even better view of his cock inside my wife he started thrusting into her she looked round to see if i was still enjoying watching the two of them, Helen sat up and started to play with her clit while he carried on thrusting in to her it wasn't long before she came all over his big cock, " god i need to cum " said the guy " fuck me from behind and fill my pussy then" Helen gasped, she got on all fours and held onto the headboard with one hand and spread her very swollen pussy with the other i couldn't beleive what i was seeing as he thrust his big cock in and out of my wifes pussy his heavy cum filled balls slapping against her clit "fuck me hard" Helen demanded "i want all that spunk emptied in my pussy" his thrusts got more and more urgent before he emptied his cock into her greatful pussy he seemed to keep cuming for ages thrusting and squirting into her atleast 10 times just as he finished spurting all that thick hot cum into my wife she let out a final groan as she came one last time.

I slipped quietly into the spare room whilst the guy got his things together and left when he had gone i went into our room to find Helen lying on the bed legs open gently rubbing her clit " did you enjoy that " she asked "oh yes" i replied "fuck me then show me you still love me" i climbed between her legs and she gripped my cock and fed it into her spunk filled pussy i fucked her slow and hard all the time kissing her " do you like me being a bad girl" she asked "very much" i replied "then shoot your spunk ontop of his, fuck me baby fuck me" she demanded so i slammed my cock into her for all i was worth until i felt that hot rush as i spunked deep inside her well used pussy, when i had finished cumming helen roled us over and straddled my cock held her pussy open and pushed both loads of mixed spunk out of her pussy and all over my cock before rubbing her pussy into it.