Written by David and Julie

17 Oct 2003

The first couple of times with Andy awakened a desire in Julie,we d talked for years about her having another man or even men taking her and fucking her every way possible and coming back to me with the proof,but thats all it was talk.

Andy returned home on the Friday after filling her with another two loads of his cum,once in the morning when i was there and he called in again before he left the north east ,Julie rang me before to check i was ok about it,i told her it was her choice she said she was sore but loved the feeling of him inside her,she rang me as he was fucking her to tell me about it and again when he d left her full of his semen.

I asked her not to shower or change the sheets as i wanted to clean her up . We had a great time that afternoon but as soon as i entered her and felt his spunk all over my cock i lasted no more than two minutes.

Our sex life was always good but it shot up ten levels after that and she was keen to have more men,which i encouraged.

We were invited to a house warming party about 3 weeks later in Durham ,we knew a few of the people there and there was a guy we both knew as he had done work for us and he had always flirted with julie in the past in front of me ,but she said he d been more risque when i wasnt there.It was a great party there was plenty of drink around and every one was chatting to each other,i noticed she was in a giggly conversation with this guy Jeff,she looked at me smiled and he walked away upstairs to the bathroom i guessed.

Julie came across and whispered to me that he had asked her to meet him upstairs,i was taken aback with the speed my cock got hard,I asked her what she was going to do,she asked me what i wanted her to do,i put her hand down and brushed the front of my trousers and she said i think that says every thing.I asked her again what she was going to do, she told me that she was going to go upstairs and kiss him and see what happens I told her yo be careful as there was a lot of guests up and down the stairs to the loo.she gave me a peck ,brushed the back of her hand against my trousers and headed upstairs.......... 5 minutes seemed like an hour I was chatting to people but my head was else where....wondering what she was doing.... I got impatient and decided to go to the loo there was no one in the toilet but one of the bedroom doors was closed i listened but couldnt hear anything...I headed back down the stairs shaking but with a hell of a hard on....Julie came down a few mins later followed by him a few mins later again.....she was beaming as she came across..and i said well .. she took my hand and led me into the kitchen where she kissed me...she told me they d kissed ,he had put his hand down the back of her trousers which were quite tight and figure hugging,she d undone the zip on the side in case they split and he took advantage and moved his hand right down under her thong and fingered her ,she had opened her legs wider to let him.

She felt him through his trousers undone his fly and pulled him out and started wanking him apparently he had to stop her as he was in danger in coming very quickly as he couldnt believe he had actually got her to do this.They heavy petted for a while with Julie stopping wanking him before he came.She told him they would be missed so shed zipped herself up and came downstairs leaving him with his cock hard some what frustrated.

She asked me what i thought and I told her I was happy if she was,I asked her if she wanted to fuck him,she said yes but she wanted to tease him and make him wait......I put my hand down the front of her trousers and rubbed her clit,we were in the kitchen and could have been seen by anyone,i took her through the utility room and there was a door into the garage, we went in,and kissed and felt each other i undid her trousers and fingered and rubbed her she had my cock out and took it into her mouth...she moved up against the wall and asked me to fuck her,I rubbed my cock head against her cunt lips and teased her,she tried to shove back but i wouldnt let it go in....i told her i didnt want it to stretch her for another guy...she asked me what i was saying...i told her i wanted her to fuck Jeff before me...she said are you sure I said of course I am....JUlie told me that i should stay here in the garage but behind the car out of site and see what happens....she tidied herself up ,kissed me and told me that the next cock in her mouth would be Jeffs....I waited for an eternity but was prob only 10 mins when the door from the utility opened,he had his hands all over her and she like wise.Her top went up and her nipples were in his mouth she had his cock out and wanked him,she then told him she wanted to feel him inside her ,she undid her trousers eased them down turned around and told him to fuck her....I m at he front of the garage with my cock in my hand listening to this I knew he was in by the moaning from both of them and in less than 3 minutes J eff was telling her he was gonna cum,julie in turn told him that he wanted him to fill her full of his spunk....and he duly obliged.His softening cock was quickly put back into his trousers her thong and trousers pulled up a quick kiss and she told him for my benefit that it felt great and her husband never managed to shoot that much up her pussy,he in turn said he hoped she would let him take her to bed sometime soon so he cud make love to her

properly. He left the garage first, she waited a few moments and then asked me if i enjoyed that..i took her in my arms and kissed her and told her how much i loved her and she to me she told me she had never known any man cum as much as he had and she felt absolutely soaking....i put my hands down her trousers and felt her pussy,it was as if she was covered in cream...i suppse she was.

We went back into the party Julie through the kitchen and me via the toilet.there was eye contact between them and we were in situations where the 3 of us were chatting together of course he didnt know that i knew where his cock had been 20 min earlier, julie whispered to me as he was standing there ,did I want her to meet him again ,up to you was my response,she then asked me to get her a drink ,I knew why....I left it to her and she arranged for him to meet her at our house on the following Tuesday night as I would be away....part of me was shocked that she was keen for a repeat so quickly but my ever growing cock convinced me it was ok...We left the party stopped the car in the nearest dark alley ,and i ate her and made love to her.I was covered in his sperm and so was she.....I ll give you more details of how our sex lives progressed and how my stunning wife became the horniest girl ive ever known