Written by Bri

8 Sep 2006

After we had seen Stu out when his taxi arrived we retired to bed, Diane was sheepish and that isn't Di, If I come home pissed she would usually let me have it both barrels.

I got undressed on my side of the bed and as i pulled off my sock I felt her cool breasts against my back, nipples erect. She started biting my neck and right ear, she breathlessly told me she wanted me, you've got to understand, Di never initiates sex, this was very out of character. her right hand reached round and encompassed my cock, something she struggle to do with Stu, and she asked me to fuck her.

I decided to take it slow, not easy when the girl underneath is bucking like a bronco that doesn't want to be broken. I took my cock out and told her to get on all fours, in our thirteen years together we have never done it doggy, she responded like a well trained retreiver, I got my cock in hand and guided it to her pouting lips, the head slipped up and down her labia and she pushed backwards moving my hips forward I felt my cock sucked in.

'Fuck, Oh, fuck,' she gasped

I began a slow ryhthmic dance holding her hips, Di was already making tha noises I thought girls in my dirty DVD collection make all the time intersperced by gutteral foul language. All my dreams were coming together, I picked up the speed and played my 'Ace.'

'I was a naughty boy in the pub tonight.'

She made some sort of noise that seemed to mean what do you mean.

'I showed Stu your photo.' Di pushed backwards and gasped out a loud 'Ohh.'

'YOu should of seen him, he said if you weren't married to me he love to fuck you hard and stretch your cunt with his thick eight inches.'

At this point both are bodies were drenched in sweat, both at the height of arousal, my balls had moved into the 'ready to fire' position and Di was reaching under and touching her clitoris moaning and physically shaking, again I picked up the tempo the slurping noises were loud and grabbed Di's left breast and squeezed it hard and then used it to pull her back onto to me, giving me some leverage, we had now entered the endgame, Di's head was now raised and she stopped moving instead she closed her legs tight on my cock.

'oh fuck, oh fuck' then she dropped her head and let out a sigh, she must of used every drop of air in her body, this sigh went on for abour thirty seconds. I banged at her for a few more strokes, pulled out and exploded all over her arse, cunt and back.

'You okay love,' I asked

'Oh yes,' she said in her sexiest voice, 'I never felt better.'

We both went to the bathroom, Di jumped in the bath and I being the gentleman had a shit.

'Did Stu really say he'd like to make love to me?'

'No' she stopped lathering her tits and swung round to look at me with a face full of disappointment.

'I told you, he said he wants to fuck you hard and stretch your cunt with his eight inch dick.' my cock was now hard against the porcelain inside the toilet.

'Do men talk about partners like that all the time?'

'No, but when I showed him the photo of you bending over in that little skirt he just blurted it out, I had to take the phone off him he was putting his finger all over the screen,' I wiped my arse and flushed the toilet.

'Move over Di, let me in.'

'Brian, are you hard again, what has got into you lately?' She said with a bg Cheshire cheese smile spreada cross her face. She knelt down in the bath and while the hot water beat down on us Diane sucked me off and I washed her hair with that new Dove shampoo, well it's only fair!

Stu's party tomorrow night. TBC