Written by pete

5 Oct 2005

Having placed an ad in swingers heaven i would like to tell you of our first outing.

we had been contacted by a gentleman called Bob after a few emails and discussing the format of the evening we met up in a pub car park in derby, Sue was dressed as ordered button through dress, brief white knickers, hold up stockings and no bra. We pulled into the car park and walked over to Bobs car and as ordered Sue stood by his open window unbuttoned her dress and held it open, she was then told to get in his car and lay face down in the passenger seat i was told to stand by the window.Bob pulled up her dress lowered her knickers and hand spanked her bare bottom. Sue was told to re-button her dress level with her stocking tops We were then taken into the pub. Bob looked around the pub and chose a table opposite the pool table i was told to get the drinks as i stood waiting for our drinks i looked across Sue had her legs open and was facing the pool table i returned with the drinks. i was told to sit across from Bob so the the the lads playing pool and a clear view of Sues knickers. I glanced across at pool table and noticed the lads checking out the view, Bob told Sue to visit the ladies and remove her knickers and on her return hand them to him she stood up and walked to the ladies which was the other side of the pool table one the lads spoke to her as she pasted. My prick was rock hard it had been stiff since we left home, Sue returned and sat down and handed her knickers to Bob he told her to sit back in the chair and spread her legs, Sue has flashed for me in the past but not this brazen. We sat there for about 15 minutes and Bob said we should go, i was told o sit in the back and Sue got into the front seat. Bob lowered the front seat so that Sue was in a semi laying position unbutton your dress he said and lay back, Sue did as she was told and he drove off we had a drive around the ring road at the first set of lights we stopped a chap on a bike stopped at the side of the car Bob lowered the window the bloke just stared at Sue's naked body the lights changed and we drove off. We went up the A6 and Bob pulled into a park he parked up and told us to get out Bob handed me a blanket and a paddle carry these he said, we walked through some woods towards a lake. Ok this will do he told me to put the blanket on the grass and stip naked and get on all fours, he told Sue to strip and lay on the blanket as i knelt there looking at Sue i thought is this really happening, then the paddle cracked on my bottom what are you waiting for give the slut a good licking i started to lick Sue's cunt. This carried on for about 10 minutes me licking and Bob spanking me with the paddle, ok change positions he said i laid on my back and Sue got on all fours and took my prick in her mouth, Bob then paddled Sue's bottom, it took all of 2 minutes befor i came.

Stand up he said side by side while i check your bottoms he stroked our bottoms getting warmer he said and started to paddle us again this time harder, ok lie down and get in the 69 position we both sucked and licked each other. Ok we will have a smoke we all lit up nothing was said i sat there thinking bloody hell, naked,outside,living out a fantacy this was good i could not believe i was not cold it must have been the adrenaline and the spanking that was keeping me warm. Bob picked up the blanket, paddle and our cloth's and said meet me at the car in 5 minutes you will both walk back with your hands on your head. After 5 minutes we started back to the car with our hands on our heads as we reached the car park we both stopped dead there was a seconed car parked next to Bob's car and he was stood talking to another man, bloody hell i said to Sue now what we had no choice but to carry on. AS we got to the car Bob told me to bend over the boot and handed the paddle to Sue, right Sue he said now paddle his arse.

Sue procceeded to paddle my bottom hard very hard again my prick went stiff harder Bob said she did as she was told my bottom was on fire, now give him a blow job Sue dropped to her knees and sucked my prick, don't let him come yet Sue she stopped. Ok Sue bend over the boot now spank Sue he said, time to get my own back i thought as i paddled her arse. Ok Sue spread your legs now fuck the slut bob said i did not need telling twice i entered her and gave her a good fucking while they both watched, sadly it did not last long i was so worked up.

What shall we finish with Bob asked the other chap, give them a good thrashing he said, ok over the boot the pair of you, we stood next to each other and bent over the boot and Bob gave us our final paddling. We dressed and returned to our car and said our good byes,we asked if we could meet up again Bob said any time.