Written by steve

1 Jun 2004

this story is about my highly sexed ex-wife stacey she used to make me be submissive which i enjoyed very much.

she used to force me to watch her fuck her black lover michael who had a massive circumcised cock and then she would make me lay underneath her being fucked doggystyle

while I licked at his balls and her wet cunt lips.

He would take his cock out of her and push in into my mouthwhich was oozing precome, while my ex would suck my cock dressed in holdups and panties which she would make me wear.

michael would fuck stacey hard until I could see him tense up as he shot his hot salty black semen into her.

He would pull out of her slowly and make me lick him clean.

Stacey used to sit on my face while micheals hot juice would run out of her swollen cunt all over my mouth which I used to lick her clean.

On many other occassions she would also go out nightclubbing texting me to be ready for her of which she would come come dressed like a slut and make me clean her out before fucking her juicy wet cunt.

I would love to meet up with any couplesin the south east area! who would enjoy this experience as Ive now got a taste for come!