Written by Brian Edin.

24 Jan 2007

Couple married for 20yrs. now children have left we wanted to act out our fantasies. Brian 50 Anne 45 answered an ad. for sub couple. I am not really sub. but Anne said she would like me to be there. The date arrived and we were to attend at a cottage on the outskirts of Edinburgh.We were met at the door by a lady in her 60,s very upmarket and well presented and I informed her that Anne was the sub. but she wanted me to be with her. At that time a blindfold was placed over Annes eyes and I was told to go into a room. It was a large room and I was met by three naked people John in his 60,s and a yonger couple David and Rosemary.As I just wanted to watch I was sat in a chair next to the fire and told to remain quite.

Anne was lead in by who I now know to be Janet.Told to stand in the middle of the floor with her hands at her side. John moved over beside her and instructed her to remove her blouse and skirt this she did and was standing in her half cut bra hold up stockings and white lace panties.At this time the 4 of them moved round her touching and kissing her body. I could see her nipples becoming very errect. John produced wrist and ankle cuffs and Janet and him tied Anne to an overhead rope and spread her legs about a metre apart and fixed her ankles to a pole by the cuffs forcing her legs to remain appart.At this time my hardon was pushing up the trousers.

Everyone started to explore Annes body and Janet produced some toys. David was on his knees giving Anne a good licking and eased a bick pink dildo up in Anne as she became more excited The two ladies played with her nipples untill she had the first of what was to be may organisms that evening. TBC