Written by anon

30 Jan 2007

This is a true story…..

My wife and me have been into swinging for a while now. We attended a party on the weekend in a very nice country hotel in the Cotswolds. After a few drinks and some chat we found a room upstairs. We were alone in the room and my wife to her dress off to reveal that she was only wearing some black hold-ups. We started licking and sucking each other. There was a knock at the door and another couple entered. It ws really dark in the room and I could not see much. I was lying on my back and my wife was grinding her shaven pussy on my mouth. I felt a hand touch my leg and I moved it to my cock. The person started to wank my now very erect cock. Next I felt a tongue flickering on my cock and it then being sucked. I paid no attention to it as it felt really good. My wife got off my face and whispered in my ear that a man was sucking my cock. She asked me if it felt good. I was in shock at first but let him carry on. I told him I was going to shoot my load and I felt him deep throat my cock. I shot my load of cum in his mouth and he swallowed every drop. My wife was behind him and rimming his ass. She told me to come and fuck him. I was more interested in his wife as she was a really fit looking women. His wife told me that if I fucked him she would let me fuck her in every hole. The two girls were licking each other out in a 69 position. I slapped some lube on my cock and slammed my cock into the bloke’s ass. He was bucking like a wild thing. I was fucking him doggy and reached under him and started wanking his cock. He soon shot his load and I pulled out. He immediately sucked my cock. His wife spread her legs and told me to use her like a slut. I fucked her in every hole for the rest of the evening and eventually came on her husbands face. The two girls licked it off…….what a night that was and my introduction to being sucked by a man!