Written by SSSTICH

27 May 2006

Sue and I went to Spain for a holiday. We arrived at the hotel, which was like small apartments. Got to our room and started to relax. The following day we went down to the pool. We went to hot tub, got in. Sue was complaining that she had forgotten her bikini, I said that we could nip out and get one. I got out and said I was going to the loo and would see her in a few minutes. When I came back sue was talking to the two lad that were in the hot tub with us. I must admit I did not take too much notice of them when I was in tub. Sue introduced them as Greg and Simon. Sue said, “Greg has offered to nip out for me and get me a bikini!”, he said he had purchased items like these for his girlfriend. We learnt that Greg and Simon were away on holiday on their own as their girl friends could not take any time off, both worked for themselves and they could take time off. After about an hour of chatting Greg said he was off to the shops, I said I nip back to the room and get him some money to but the bikini, he said no, but I was insistent. He said the deal is that Sue would need to model bikini in their apartment that would be payment enough, I said ok. So off Greg went to the shops.

After about an hour or so Greg was back, he said he got the Bikini and was back in their apartment, I said could we do it later. Sue said she needs to get an all over tan and wanted the bikini. So off we went. Once in apartment, Greg handed an nice designer paper bag to Sue and pointed to the bedroom. Sue went into the room and after awhile she appeared in a yellow bikini, I must admit I go a hard on straight away. The bikini was one of the smallest thongs I have seen, it barely covered her pussy, the top managed to just cover her large nipples. Sue said, this will improve the tan no end. Simon and Greg were grinning and sporting hard ons. They said could they have a picture with Sue. Sue stood between them as Simon handed his camera to me, I took a few pictures with Sue playing up to the camera, I was enjoying it (I have seen sue fuck a few men before). As Sue was posing, Greg suggest they lift Sue up, each took one leg each and lifted her up and spread her legs, I could see her pussy and hair sticking out from the side of the small piece of material. What they did then was really quick, they pulled the tie ups either side of her hips, the piece of material fell to the ground and her pussy was on display, full red and juice. Greg stuck two fingers up her pussy, she was so wet that it went straight in and Sue closed her eyes and came.

Next they took her into the bedroom and Greg got tool and inserted right up her pussy, Sue was screaming for him to fuck her, she shout to me to keep taking the pictures, she normally does not let me take pictures when she is fucking. During that afternoon both Simon and Greg fucked her, with me taking photographs. After a few hours I decided to go to the beach and left them to it. Sue did not come back that evening. I saw her the next day on the beach with the lads in her new Bikini, I joined them. During the holiday Sue spent most of her time with Greg and Simon, Sue would come back to our apartment for clothes and I noticed that she was clean shaven every day, she said Simon shaves her every day and then fucks her straight after. One evening we went out and Greg introduced Sue as his girl friend. We are back now and It has dawned on me that the camera I used was Greg’s and the photos of her in full circulation, Sue says not to worry. She is going to see Greg in a few weeks. Greg lives with his parents and Sue is going to stay with them, Sue says she may get ask Greg to fuck his dad, if he is up for it. I was not allowed to fuck sue on the holiday as she said she had been told she was Greg and Simon’s for the week. I got my fill when we got back.

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