Written by David

21 Oct 2005

We have been married 24 years and in the early years indulged in the odd wife-swap. With the advent of children we have been faithful for 20 years. No that the youngest as left for university we thought we would re-kindle the advances of other persons for sexual satisfaction.

I have always wished to see Sue with another man and after many years of being monogamous she agreed. To cut a long story short, we advertised on SH and eventually found a guy, Keith, who was working in the area although he lives in Newcastle. I met Keith first and then with Sue and she agreed he was the one. A phone call later and the date was set for Saturday night.

Sue spent the afternoon in preparation with new nails and perm. That night she wore a grey two-piece suit with black blouse and court shoes. Underneath was a sheer lace bra and thong with self-support tan stockings. Make-up and jewellery applied she looked devine.

We met Keith in a local pub and within 20 minutes it was as if we were old friends, laughing and joking. I had noticed that Keith was not afraid to touch Sue and on at least one occasion our hands had met on her buttocks.

I asked Sue if she was happy and her reply was one of “When do we go home?”. We did not need asking twice. Once home we poured drinks and stood in the lounge. It was obvious what was to happen and it began when Keith pulled Sue to him and kissed her fully. When they broke I could tell she was aroused as her breathing was deep and her eye’s slightly glazed. “Lets go upstairs” she said softly. In the bedroom Sue removed her jacket and threw it to the corner. I could tell she was aroused as she always looks after her clothes. They commenced as they had left off downstairs with a long deep embrace. Keith’s hands roamed her body. She responded in a similar manner with one hand in his groin. I then saw Keith pull at her skirt zip and her skirt drop to the floor. I was trembling at watching my semi-undressed wife in another mans arms. Sue’s breathing was heavy and she was moaning softly as Keith kissed her neck. She then turned her head towards me and in a soft husky voice spoke to me. “Come here, I want you both”.

I looked at Keith and he nodded. I walked to her and she turned to me. I had never seen her so intensely aroused and as we kissed I removed her blouse. I turned her towards Keith as he stood naked. She accepted him in her arms and I watched as she caressed his manhood. As I undressed he kissed her neck and shoulders, removing her bra as he did so. I stood behind her kissing her back and moving down to her buttocks. I knelt behind her and peeled her thong down her legs until she stepped out of it. Her legs opened slightly as Keith began to explore her sex. I ran my hands up and down her stocking clad legs moving to the inside of her thighs. My hand moved higher onto her flesh and I felt Keith’s fingers as they explored her. I extended one finger and pushed it inside of her, alongside Keith’s. Sue groaned loudly and clutched at Keith. I felt her quiver as she came. We moved her to the bed and lay either side of her. Keith was kissing her and I moved down her body and between her legs. As I licked her pussy she writhed beneath me and I looked up to see her with Keith’s manhood in her mouth. I was so hard it was painful. We swapped places and I watched Keith lick her and probe her with his fingers as she sucked and wanked me. I played with her breasts and nipples. Her body was never still as she writhed at our attention and then she moaned aloud as her back arched and her second orgasm took her. Keith continued to attack her pussy as she came and as she calmed down he positioned himself above her and entered her in one movement. He pushed deep and Sue came immediately, clawing at his back and gasping for breath. He continued to thrust into her until he stiffened and came inside her. As he moved aside I quickly climbed over her and into her. She stared with wide eyes as I fucked her quickly and forcefully. I dropped onto her body and felt her whole body shiver and tense as she came again. I could not help myself but to explode into her. As I rolled over to her side I saw that Keith was already hard again and he rolled her over to face him. The next hour was spent with both of us taking her either alone or together. Keith slept the night and gave Sue another fucking before leaving mid-morning.

Sue said she has never been so satisfied and now wants to repeat the experience with 3 or 4 men and definitely with a WE man (black or white). If ever this happens we will let you know.