Written by Saronikos

16 Aug 2006

Holding a door open for a lady was a natural thing to do, but I had no idea what it was going to lead to. The lady in question, Sumie, was a very petite Japanese lady, barely five feet tall, in her fifties (as am I), very carefully coming down a spiral staircase at the conference centre, quite surprisingly with a pint of lager in her hand. Opening the door for her was a natural thing to do.

I had noticed her earlier in the day when she gave her presentation. She could barely see over the podium and when she stood in front of the screen, some of her slides played on her faces, especially a red icon that was projected onto her mouth; something I found extra-ordinarily suggestive of oral sex. Despite being married, I had been virtually celibate for over 3 years, and although one always wonders what goes on at conferences, nothing had ever happened to me in the 20 or so years I had been attending them.

Sumie giggled as she came through the door, I am a little drunk she said. We were both walking towards the corridor where our rooms were, and we started to chat. I said it was OK to get a little drunk sometimes, and giggling again she replied that she was naughty when she got drunk. When I asked her what she did, I was completely surprised by her reply, I have sex with other people so my husband can watch. You can imagine what went through my mind, but what I actually said was, oh that’s Ok I don’t think your husband’s here is he? By this time we were outside her room and had stopped. I took the glass form her as she fumbled to find her key. Ah, Sumie replied giggling again, he said if I got a little drunk, and found a nice man, it was OK to have sex with him; he gave me some condoms to keep me safe. We were both staring into each others eyes, and opening the door Sumie said, I think you are a nice man. I followed her in, not knowing what to say, though my stiffening cock said it all for me.

Excuse me, Sumie was giggling again, too much to drink, she said and disappeared into the bathroom. I put the glass down and sat on the edge of the bed. I heard the toilet flush and the hand basin run, then a few minutes late Sumie came out. She was completely naked. She was as they say small but perfectly formed, and completely shaven. She had a slim figure, very small breasts, but her nipples stood out hard and erect, her naked pussy was just asking to be kissed.

Sumie straddled my lap and kissing we rolled onto the bed. My hands explored her small breasts and as I moved my head down to kiss and suck her nipples, my hand slipped between her leg and I rubbed the juices from her wet pussy over her clit As my mouth sucked and pulled her nipples she whispered, do that between my legs. I needed no second bidding, my tongue teased her clit from its little hood, before slipping down and licking between her pussy lips. I went back to her clit and forming a little o with my mouth sucked. Sumie was moaning and started lifting her hips I had planned to tongue fuck her, but clearly if I stopped giving attention to her clit now she was going to be very disappointed. As her moans grew more intense, so did my attentions. Licking and sucking her clit, until lifting her hips high off the bed and pushing hard against my mouth she came.

As I looked up and our eyes met, she was grinning widely. I was still fully clothed and Sumie told me to kneel on the bed. She took my shirt off, and then unfastening my trousers she took my trousers and underpants down in one move, lifting her hands back to take hold of my hard erect cock. Such a big cock she said, even though it wasn’t, and leaning forward she took it in her mouth. I leant back on my hands, my trousers still around my knees, enjoying the sight and feeling of my cock in a woman’s mouth, the first time in over seven years Taking my cock out of her mouth, Sumie looked up. Do you like chrysanthemum sex, she asked. Do you, I asked not knowing what Chrysanthemum sex was, but since I had just eaten her pussy and my cock was in her mouth, a blow job seemed the obvious answer. Oh yes, I like very much, she replied, it makes Sumie very sexy, she’ll want your cock all night. That seemed a good option to me, and I said so. Not only did I have he wrong end of the stick about chrysanthemum sex, I had the wrong end of Sumie. And so a few minutes later, Sumie was kneeling in front of me, her slim bottom exposed and my condom covered cock nudging against her back door. A chrysanthemum was the Japanese equivalent of a rosebud!

Sumie had hardly any buttocks to speak of, being so petite, and my cock looked huge compared to the dark little opening I was beginning to probe. I really did wonder if it would fit without hurting Sumie. As I pushed forward she relaxed taking the end of my cock inside her with a gasp. Concerned that I would hurt her, I held back but Sumie wanted more, and I was both surprised and aroused by some of the profanities that came out of this respectable and delicate Japanese lady; all the way, fill me with cock, ram it in, fuck me hard. Wanting to please her I did what she asked, and if I hesitated when she gasped, she just demanded more. I was thrusting quite hard into her back door when I finally lost control, and pushing my cock as hard and deep I could into her I shot my load into her back passage.

True to her word it really did turn her on. We went from the bedroom into the shower and as soon as my cock was clean she took it in her mouth. Sumie herself was orally insatiable; I brought her to another oral orgasm in the shower. We had 69 on the bed, with Sumie on top and I was surprised how quickly she came again. Turning round she then let me into her pussy for the first time, it was soft and wet. She took me from on top, but rather than kneel on my cock she squatted. I alternated between sitting up and sucking her hard little nipples and lying back and thrusting into her pussy as she bounced up and down. Sumie came first but only by seconds.

Sumie still wasn’t satisfied. Having had her twice I didn’t think I could manage it a third time, but with a mixture of kissing, stroking sucking and telling me about her previous sexual exploits, not to mention eating her pussy for her third oral orgasm, Sumie was again squeezing my stiff cock in her hands. This time she wanted missionary sex, and I was able t make her come whilst still being hard inside her when she orgasmed. Turning her over, I took her from behind and the same thing happened; I found I couldn’t come, it felt as if I had nothing left to come with. I would have been happy just to have satisfied Sumie, but even now she wanted more.

Taking my tie and the belt from the courtesy bathrobe, she fashioned two loops and tied them t the bed. Slipping her hands through the loops, even though she wasn’t tied she was restrained. Now you fuck me till you come, she told me. I needed no second invitation to slip my stiff cock back inside. I started off moving slowly but I was told, Sumie like being helpless, you fuck Sumie hard. It seemed to be a real turn on for her, and she soon came again, and at her request I kept on fucking her, quite hard now and she kept coming in a series of mini-orgasms. It seemed forever before my whole body stiffened, and as I thrust my cock deep inside her, she arched her body of the bed. We hung there for what felt an age before, at last I came. Taking her hands from the loops and with my cock still inside her, she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me. I told you it make Sumie very sexy, she whispered