Written by Randy

21 Mar 2006

I left Dons boat with a raging hard on and really horney for some reliefe. I thought I would go to my girl friends hose and see what she was up to.As I walked from the boat dock Dons boat was in I seen that Steve was over on his boat so I thought I would go there and see if he wanted a blow job. As I was wanking the ramps to his boat house I could see him and he was looking very good in hi blue swim suit.As he was working around the boat I could see his firm body and nice legs and I just got weak thinking about having him in my mouth again.Only this time it would be me wanting it and not being forced.I walked up to him and said hello and he turned and smiled and asked me aboard.After our hello's he asked what brought me there cause I was not due to check his boat for another day. I told him I seen him from another job I was doing and thought I would come over. He said he was glad and offered me a drink. I excepted and as he walked down below to the galley I followed and we sat and had a whisky and soda and chatted small talk. I got my nurve up and told him I wanted to suck him again.He grinned and asked if I might be gay. I told him I like girls too but the day he made me suck his cock opened a new world for me and besides he told me to come service him weekly.So now I wanted to services his big beautiful cock. I wanted it in my mouth and down my throat. He looked and laughed and told me I was his little bitch and walked ove and took his cock out and pit it in my mouth and started fucking my face hard and fast.There was no working up to anything just a hard fucking. I was choking and he was talking dirty and saying what a slut I was and take all his cock. His cock was about 8 inches long and pretty wide and very hard.I loved the feel of it in my mouth and all the nasty name calling and talk made me hot.All of a sudden he just stopped and pulled out and steped back and said you want a good mouth fucking then follow me.He headed for the cabin and opened the door and there was a bed there. He told me to lay on the bed with my head hanging off the edge and at this point I was so hot and horney I would have done anything he wished so I lay like he wanted and he approached and put his dick in my mouth and leaned over me and began his in and out thrust in my throat.I was loving the feeling of this and I reached up and grabbed his ass and pulled him down hard and deep into my throat.His ball on my face and I moved my head around to massage his cock and balls and then he said he had to fuck me hard cause I was a slut. He made me drop my shorts and bend over the bed and greased my ass and pushed it all the way in hard and fast.I almost passed out when he did this. The pain was unbarable. I collasped on the bed with him on top and his cock still in me.I hurt like never before. He started to move and slid in and out several times but could not get the penatration he wanted. He grabed my hips and pulled and said look slut your going to get the fucking of you life now get up right. I did as he asked and he started to pump hard and fast and did not care it hurt but soon the pain died and pleasure began. It was a thrill to be getting someone off. He fucked like an animal and seemed to last for a tremenousely long time. I was to the point he could have fucked me all night if he could last. Then all of a sudden he was slapping my ass and talking dirty and calling me a little bitch boy and them was cumming deep in my ass. I could feel the swelling of his cock as he pumped his load in me.It did not seem he would ever stop.But when he did we collapsed on the bed with him on top and layed there for a good while