Written by Jack

15 Jul 2005

Many years ago shortly after we were married my twenty year wife Vera and I went went on our first holiday abroad to the South of France. We wern't too well off but decided that we could afford a two week camping holiday and had borrowed a tent from a friend.

On our first day on the campsite beach I was delighted to see that nearly all the women were topless and Vera at once removed her top too revelling in the freedom displaying her full firm big nippled tits. I perhaps should add here that Vera had a number of boy friends before we met and from what she hinted was fucked by them all. The though of which always gave me a hardon.

We lay in the sun for a while, Vera with her eyes closed while I was checking out all the various tits on display and I noticed that most men were blatantly doing the same.

After a while Vera said that she was going for a swim. She is a very strong swimmer having at one time tried out for the County team. There were some rocks about two hundred yards out and she said that she would swim out to those rocks and depending how she felt either have a little breather or just swim round them. I watched her walk down the sand enjoying with several other men her tits bouncing up and down. She entered the water and I could see her blond head bobbing as she swam out. I watched for a bit then picked up a book. I suddenly realised that she had been gone for quite a while and anxiously scanned the water but there was no sign of her and as time passed I got more and more worried and was about to raise the alarm when I saw her swimming towards the beach. She was swimming along side a man and when they reached shallow water they were standing chatting. When they came out of the water they walked up the beach together and I could see that he was a big chap who appeared to be about sixty or so with wide shoulders and a big stomach protruding in front of him. They came right up and Vera said, "This is Jens. He is Dutch and we met on tthe rocks." We sort of shook hands and he suggested that we join he and his wife as they were just about to open a bottle of wine. We gathered our belongings and joined Jens and his wife Lotte who appeared much younger than Jens an atractive blond in her forties with big slightly saggy tits with very long nipples.

We had a few glasses of wine with them and chatted about this and that. They both spoke excellent English. In spite of being completely bald and with the big stomach Jens was incredibly charismatic with an overpowering personality. He was openly flirting with Vera and she was lapping it up. What she was also checking out from time to time was the huge bulge in his swimming trunks. After the wine we all sort of dosed for a bit then sometime later Vera said that we had probably had enough sun but she was going for a swim before we went back to the tent. Jens immediately got up and said that he would go with her and off they went. After they had gone Lotte asked me to put some cream on her back and I of course was only too happy to oblige. I rubbed the cream in getting lower and lower until I reached her bikini bottom. She was making little purring noises and I took a chance and moved my hand down gently squeezing the cheeks of her arse. She murmured, "Mm. Nice." and spread her legs. I looked round to see if anyone was watching but nobody was paying any interest so I moved my hand between her legs and started to caress her cunt through her knickers. I put a towel over us mainly to conceal my growing hardon. I managed to get my fingers inside her bikini and slid a finger into her wet cunt. She moaned as I finger fucked her. As it was a public beach there was little more we could do. I looked out to sea but there was no sign Of Jens and Vera. I said, "There is no sign of them I hope they are all right." Lotte laughed, "Oh I'm sure that they are all right I'd be willing to bet that at this moment Jens is fucking your wife on those rocks." Her words really made my cock spring to life and Lotte felt it under the towel and said, "Yes I think your cock liked the thought of Jens with his big fat belly fucking your wife." I remember thinking before this morning we didn't know Jens and Lotte existed and now here I was with my finger up her cunt and with my wife probably being fucked behind some rocks.

Vera and Jens eventually came back and it was obvious from her manner that something had happened. She looked like the cat that had just got the cream. They were beaming at each other and from to time time touching each other.

Anyhow it was soon time to go but before we went we arranged to visit Jens and Lotte that evening for drinks in their caravan.

When we got back to our tent I said, "Jens fucked you didn't he?" Vera sort of hung her head and said, "Yes I just couldn't help it. He has such a big cock. The biggest I have ever seen and my God does he know how to use it. He made me come twice." And as she described how Jens fucked her I pulled her bikini off and got between her legs. There was no doubt that Jens had stretched her cunt and although I have a fair sized cock it hardly touched the sides but in no time I had added my cum to his.

That was the start of our holiday. More to follow.