Written by dave

13 Mar 2006

We have just got back from a short stay in the Canaries. We hired a villa which was quite remote, apart from being part of a plot of two villas.

My wife, Steph is a sun-worshipper. I am less so. Anyway, Steph was as usual, laying in the sun and topping up her tan. To describe Steph, she is 5foot 7, blonde, perfect size 10 body, with fantastic tits and a beautiful pert arse. She was laying on her stomach and was topless, but with a tiny pair of bikini bottoms on.

I nipped indoors to get out of the sun and heard a vehicle pull up outside the front of the villa. Two very dark, middle aged spaniards got out and went into the villa next door. There was a scraping noise as the patio doors opened and the two men stepped onto the patio area next to the pool, and stood talking. Suddenly they spied Steph and immediately went to the wall. The younger one (probably 40) had a scruffy white t-shirt and a large over-hanging belly, sticking out over his jeans. The other, slightly older was wearing a t-shirt and jeans too and looked only slightly slimmer. Both were stubbled around the face and looked like they needed a good wash. they were both obviously working.

Steph sat up and took a swig of her beer, not realising she had an audience only 6ft away, standing behind the wall. She then turned onto her back and facing the men, topless, went back into a slumber. The men behind the wall were peering through, and were obviously liking what they were seeing. The younger man had his head through a tree branch and was avidly watching Steph, the older man likewise was getting a real eyeful. I quickly went up a further level to the main bedroom where I was effectively right above the two men.

I picked up my mobile and rang Steph's phone. At first she didn't hear because of the earphones she was wearing but then she picked up, confused. "You have an audience" I said, and told her that the two men were standing behind the tree and were now probably only 4 feet away. "Oh dear, she said, "maybe they don't get any at home". "More like they like the blonde hair and fantastic figure" I said. "Do you want me to scare them off?". Sue said that she was happy and wasn't bothered and we ended our conversation.

I carried on watching from the darkened window. Steph sat up facing the men in the wall and through her sunglasses could clearly see them, but pretended not to. She reached down for her sun oil and splashed it into her hands. She then slowly and gently starting rubbing it into her tits, and even from two flights up I could see her erect nipples standing to attention. The men behind the tree were delerious. The older man had got his cock out and was wanking whilst the other was undoing his belt and dropping his trousers to the floor. He had a massive cock, which seemed to grow inches every second. It must have been 9/10 inches easily. I quickly rang Steph again. She picked up and I told her what was happening. She was particularly interested in the huge cock and immediately got a good look at this cock. "Wow" she said to me on the phone and with that she hung up and laid down slightly. She carried on watching the guy wanking his cock, as she let he hand drop to her bikini bottoms and under the soft fabric to her now, no doubt very wet pussy. Gently she rubbed herself with her fingers as the two men frantically wanked on the other side of the tree. She then lifted her backside from the sund-bed and completely removed her bottoms. She spread her legs on either side of the bed and rubbed her clit up and down staring directly at the two men. They had lost their shyness by now and the man with the huge cock was standing at a part of the wall no more the three feet high, openly wanking for Steph.

Suddenly Steph started bucking as she watched the men and simultaneously statred to cum. At this point, the man with the huge cock too started speaking loudly in Spanish. Suddenly without warning, he shot his load of thick creamy cum, high into the air and as he had moved forward, flecks of cum splattered across Steph's stomach, which she picked up with the end of her finger and then licked from her finger, as the second man shot his load into the bushes.

I quickly walked onto the patio alongside the pool at this point, and said hello to the two men who had just covered themselves over. The older man smiled back at me as we passed the time of day.

As he was just walking away he turned to Steph, took off his hat and bowed slightly, grinning widely, before walking off, back into the house with his colleague. We did see them again whilst out there, but not to speak to. Surprisingly they didn't come back to the villa for the rest of the week. Who knows what might have happened?