Written by Jen

31 Oct 2006

I should start by saying that I am very new to all of this. In fact me and John only joined recently and have only had one experience as a result of this. I wanted to tell you what happened.

My fantasy has always been to play games like truth or dare - perhaps a latent childhood thing, or maybe I just like the attention. Anyway, we advertised here to see what could happen, in the hope that another couple would be interested. We finally got in touch with a couple - Rob and Sharon, both a bit younger than us (me and John are both 33). We had agreed to meet in a pub in town on a Friday night.

Needless to say me and John were both terrified and very excited when the night came. John told me what to wear - a shortish grey skirt with a black strappy top over red underwear. I was so excited and loved the attention that John was giving me before we went out.

We met up with Rob and Sharon in the pub at 8 and got on really well. Both were very attractive, and I could tell from eye contact that John was very excited, although none of us knew how this would end. However, I was very surprised about an hour later when a second couple turned up - Michael and Julie - friends of Rob's.

It was awkward for a very short time before drinks took over. After a few, we embarked to a club for some dancing. It was quite busy when we got there and we went straight to the bar. To my surprise, Rob immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the dance floor, which was great. About 2 songs in, with some very close dancing with Rob, I was aware of a second guy behind me running his hands over my hips. It was Michael. I danced with the two men for a couple more songs, and things were getting pretty hot. Michaels hands became more ambitious as he ran his hands up my sides and over my thighs as he pulled me close to him. At the same time, Rob was running his hands over my hips and shoulders, brushing my breasts. I was getting so excited but was also worried that I'd not seen John for quite a while.

We left the dance floor and made our way to the bar. We met John who had been chatting to Sharon and Julie in the loud bar. They were all pretty drunk as they had continued drinking whilst we had been dancing. It was now gone midnight - where had the time gone? We decided to get a cab back to our place.

In the taxi I sat next to John who was quite drunk. Sharon and Julie were also pretty drunk, and I think that Julie actually fell asleep on the way back. In the darkness of the cab, and with John slumped on my shoulder, I was aware that Rob, who was sat on my other side, was running his hand over my thigh. I was just getting really excited when we got back to our place.

Once inside, everyone woke up and we opened a couple of bottles of wine. Rob stated that we should play the game I'd advertised to do on swingingheaven and so we began spinning the bottle. It was a hybrid of truth or dare, and I was so excited.

The first few spins were quite tame, with odd questions, as if everyone had sobered up, but soon the wine replaced inhibitions. We started moving away from the 'truths' and onto the 'dares'.

As things hotted up, all the girls were dared to exchange tops, which we did outside of the room. I ended up in Julie's wrap around top.

things gradually got better. Julie dared Michael to remove my bra which he did though my clothes, although the wrap around top was quite revealing. The boys began to joke with me about this and on the next round dared me to allow Rob to remove my knickers which he did. So there I was in just a skirt and wrap around top.

A few dares later had the girls kissing eachother and the boys running to the end of the garden and back naked.

Then the boys were dared to guess their girlfriend from touching their breasts alone. The three guys were blindfolded and the three of us girls removed our tops and stood ia a row. Whilst a bit clumsy, each of the guys fondled us all and were luckily all correct (although I suspect a bit of peeking). They pulled off their blindfolds to check and found us all topless. Instinctively we covered ourselves up, but Rob then placed his hand on my arm and moved it out of the way, as I let him. I was momentarily mesmerised. Sharon saw this and came behind me to remove my skirt which fell to the floor leaving me naked - the only one in the room. I looked to John for approval and he looked excited. John then ran his hands all over my body, caressing me gently at first. Sharon was doing the same. Michael moved in too and started to kiss my left nipple, then sucking and gently biting on it. I was getting so excited but I moved my hand to push michael away.

Then Sharons hands ran down my arms and pulled my wrists behind my back, and I let her. It was so fantastic to feel slightly restrained whilst two men were playing with my body. I looked over to John who was now kissing and undressing Julie on the sofa.

I felt Sharons hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees which I did. I was level with Rob's trousers. Sharon reached around me and undid his fly and pulled his hard cock out of his jeans. I took it in my mouth and started to suck and play like I was possessed. I paused as Rob sat on the sofa and then continued. I felt my hips being raised by Michael who was now behind me, who had also been undressed by Sharon by this time. He started fingering me from behind and I could hear him kissing Sharon. Suddenly I felt his cock slowly enter me. I came immediately - I was so excited.

As I was trying to recover from this I could feel the urgency of the two guys increasing. Michael was pumping harder from behind. I had one hand steadying me and the other around Rob's cock as I continued to suck him off. I was in heaven

The games continued for longer than I can remember until we all fell asleep in that room, waking early with cold and hangovers to the carnage that had been the previous night. A night that I will never forget