Written by Ivan

29 Oct 2004

Having been reading the experiences of your readers for a while I thought it was time I made my own contribution.

A number of years ago my wife of the time, Carol, and I became friendly with another couple, Ted and Mary. At the time Carol was working part time behind the bar of our local pub. She and Ted became friends through a shared interest in wild flowers and birds. I did not think then and still don’t that there was any ‘hanky- panky’ between them.

Anyway as time passed we began to meet for drinks and country walks as a foursome. There was never any hint of what was to occur. One hot Sunday afternoon in June I was playing cricket and Carol and Ted were out on an expedition with the local natural history group. It was arranged that we would all meet up at Ted and Mary’s house later that evening. They always went to the pub after their walk and said that they would not be back before 10.30.

I arrived hot and sweaty at Mary’s home at about 8.30. We had a beer and then I asked if I could have a shower. I had only been in there for a few minutes when I heard the bathroom door open and in walked Mary, stark naked. ‘Mind if I join you?’ Without waiting for a reply in she came. I suppose I was still in some sort of reverie as I had never in my wildest dreams imagined such an event. I might have been dreaming but my cock wasn’t. I was brought back to real life by the feel of my knob brushing her wispy blonde bush. We began soaping each other and it was not long before our hands were all over each other, she gently polishing my prick, my fingers deep inside her pussy, which I can only describe as dripping. Lifting one leg onto the side of the shower she slid down onto my cock and began to move rhythmically. In these circumstances neither of us was going to last very long and after only a few strokes she began to shudder and I shot a very big load!

All of this could not have taken more than about five minutes. Slowly we cleaned ourselves under the shower, got out and dried off. By this time I was hard again and Mary lay down on the bathroom floor and spread her legs wide. I began by nibbling her small tits, gradually working down to her pussy, where my tongue found a still moist hole. Once again we could not wait long and I was soon deep inside her. She was so abandoned that we both came very quickly.

Time was now going on so we composed ourselves, dressed and went downstairs and were quietly drinking and chatting, not even discussing what had happened, when Carol and Ted arrived back home. After a couple of drinks we broke up and Carol and I went home. Not being a convincing liar I was very nervous that Carol would quickly guess what had happened and start to pack her bags.

As we got into bed Carol looked me straight in the eye and said ‘ Did you enjoy fucking Mary?’

I just gulped.

(Naturally there is more to this (true) story, which I shall relate if you are interested.)