Written by mallardlyn

21 Jul 2019

Last weekend I went up the local woods with the dog for a walk. After returning to my car I decided to check out some parking areas in the woodland, as it is common for bi guys to meet regularly. I parked up behind a car with a person with sunglasses sitting in the drivers seat.bout five minutes later a car pulled up two in front, and a guy got out to be greeted by a young woman in the car in front of mine. They embraced each other with a kiss, and he led her over the grass area and into the woods. It is more common to see guys going into the woods for some action. A few minutes later a car pulled up behind me, and the guy probably in his 40's also crossed the grass area, and followed the path used by the couple. I gave it a few minutes, and curiosity got the better of me, so I locked the car and followed in the footsteps of the others. When I reached the wooded area, I could see the two guys playing with the young woman. I approached cautiously, and was given a wave by the first guy to join them. The young woman around late 20's was naked and bent over giving oral to the first guy, who was very well endowed. The other guy had his fingers in her pussy, as she moaned, with squelching noises being made. I approached and the young woman was of large build with very large tits swinging about. The young endowed guy who was receiving oral, asked me to drop my shorts and let her see my cock. I am not very big, but that did not seem to matter, as he said she liked to watch him sucking cock. The older guy was taking her from behind when the younger guy started giving me oral. Not to miss out I started to suck on the young woman's tits. When he finished giving me oral his attention returned to satisfying the young woman, who was in the throws of having an orgasm. The other guy and me were asked to leave them alone, as he started kissing and playing with her swinging tits. I may have just been out for a walk with the dog, but you never know what excitement is there to enjoy. This is a true story.