Written by Thats right

4 Nov 2006

The lady is 5ft 8,40 years old with astounding legs .She carries herself like a model and seduces like a hooker on hormones.We were out for the evening.Pretty quiet couple of drinks and a bit to eat.

Heading home to her house we were a bit annoyed to find it was over run by teenagers watching videos and having too much to drink so she asked what we should do.

Not too far away is a mega plex cinema that shows films until 2am so I suggested we go to the pictures having absolutely no ideas as to what was on. We arrived at the cinema and of course there was nothing on for a couple of middle aged "homeless" lovers.

At a loss I said what next to which she replied "lets go for a run in the car".Ok lost for idea now,where the hell do you go at midnight on a dark Ayrshire night.

We were driving about for a while and I noticed that her skirt was getting shorter as we drove.She was slowly and very subtly pulling it up past her knees as she sat ,not telling me so but allowing me to realise as i drove the car.Conversation went from work to teenagers to those crazy days of youth when we would do all sorts of manouvers trying for a quick shag before our parents interupted .

She said "we are the parents so no one is going to interupt us,pull over.On my side the skirt was above the stocking line and I could see that she was very gently rubbing herself with one hand whilst starting to stroke my leg with the other.

I complained I would crash if she kept at it and she said "stop the car than".I came to a layby at a small wood and stopped .

By this time her skirt was nothing but a pelmet across the top of her thighs and the stocking tops were showing, along with the colour coordinated silk knickers.She pushed her chair back and opened her legs just enough that I could squeeze a hand between her thighs and feel the moisture through the knickers.

She had pulled my zip down slowly allowing me the freedom I so much needed and at that she started to stroke me gently.

I moved her knickers to one side and started fingering her slow and easy and as we had taken 40 minutes to get to this stage i was not surprised she was soft wet and very very willing.I have big hands but still managed to get 4 fingers past the knuckle into her glistening pussy by which time she was moaning and asking what i was waiting for.I was determined I was going to have her only after she begged and was quite set to have her orgasm with my fingers and with my teeth playing with her tits.

Suddenly there was another car in the layby.

I looked at her and for a second she was startled but then to my surprise she said "just make sure the doors are locked and get on with it" .

As you can guess I got on with it .I wont go into any more detail right now because I have found me a woman who loves to be loved ,who screams to be shagged and who takes seduction to an art as I will explain in the next page.f