Written by davidon

21 Aug 2006

my neighbour suzanne had asked me to call round her house at 10 o clock tuesday morning.i did not know what she wanted but at 10 i knocked on her door.come in she said i have something to show you.shetook me upstars and opened the door to her spare room.on the bed was a maids dress,frilly white panties,white bra,suspender belt and black stockings.i know you have been dressing up in my clothes so i want you to put these on and come downstairs.i felt very nervous but did as i was told.i slipped on the stockings and suspender belt,put on the white bra she had even left out padding to put in the cups.i pulled up the frilly panties and squeezed into the maids dress.i gingerly went down the stairs and into the lounge.when suzanne saw me she laughed.that dress barely covers your frilly little arse she said.heres the deal once a month you come round and clean my house you pathetic little girl you must always wear your maids outfit,if you dont like the deal i will tell people we know that you have been wearing my clothes.i had no choice and spent all day cleaning.she thought it very funny watching me hoovering and dusting especially when i bent over and my frilly panties were on show.when i had finished she said i had done an ok job for a silly little girl now get changed and go home.each time you come round you put on your maids outfit and if i dont do a good job she will send me to some of her friends houses with my maids clothes and i will clean there houses aswell.