Written by Tommy

25 Aug 2005

My wife Suzy, and i have been married 28 years, and in all that time she has never been with another guy, well, thats what she's told me, and i've no reason to doubt that.

She still has a gorgeous body, we're both 48, shes a size 10, short blonde hair, about 5' 2" pert little tits, lovely bum! and a lovely shaven pussy, with the most suckable fanny flaps!

We've often fantasised about her fucking another guy, when we've been making love, and it always gets her going, but thats about as far as its got.

I've always wanted to watch her with another guy, the thought of her fucking, and sucking a well hung guy has always really turned me on, but....up to a few weeks ago was just a fantasy.

There was a re-union function recently for a football team i used to play for, and one of the lads Tony had moved up north a while back, we were quite close years ago, and i always thought he had the hots for Suzy, anyway, we said he could stay with us that night, then drive back home the next day.

After the function, we came home, had a few drinks, Suzy went out the room, and Tony and i put a blue video on the TV.

Suzt came back in, and looked furious, and stormed out!

We thought..oh well! and carried on, we were quite merry, but not drunk.

Suzy came back in wearing her leopardskin coat, stood in front of the TV, turned it off, and opened her coat...WOW.. she had a royal blue basque, royal blue stockings and high heel shoes!

She looked SOOOO horny, Tony and i did a double take, looked at each other gobsmacked!

My cock was as hard as nails, i could see Tony was too, she walked over took her coat off, and sat in between us on the sofa, i had never seen her like this before, she then proceeded to get both out cocks out, and was playing with both of us, God it was so horny, in no time Tony and i stripped off, i'd forgotten how big Tony's cock was, it was about 8" and very very thick, Suzy took him in her mouth slowly, her face was a picture, so horny, she had always been very good at cock sucking,i came behind her and felt her pussy, it was so wet, i'd never felt her like that before, she then undone her basque, and straddled Tony, who slipped in so easily, she just fucked him, the noises she was making turned me on so much, watching his big cock pumping into her hot little pussy, was so horny, i then pointed my cock towards her face, she sucked me, but i just came straight away, i couldnt help it, i've never been so turned on, i'd fantasised about this for years! then i heard Tony groan, and he spunked deep inside her, as she got off gallons of spunk just streamed down her legs, she looked at me and smiled, i smiled back and i kissed her, i could taste my spunk on her lips.

Tony looked at me rather sheepishly, but i told him it was fine, we then went to our big bed, and just carried on, he fucked her again while i watched, he spunked again, what looked like gallons of hot spunk inside Suzy, then i put my cock inside her pussy, and it felt gorgeous fucking her while she was full of spunk, i didnt last long before i came too.

We were exhausted, i fell asleep, and woke up to see Suzy sucking Tony, she looked so horny, she still had her blue stockings on, and then he fucked her for what seemed like ages, before we all drifted off to sleep.

I woke up late the next morning to find them both fucking on the sofa downstairs! they had got up hours before, and had been fucking most of the night!

Tony then drove home after a shower, and Suzy and i spent all the rest of the weekend fucking, and re-living our experiences.