Written by Pao

5 Jun 2006

This is one of my sexcapade with Michelle. Around 4 pm in the afternoon I texted Michelle and asked her if we can go out for dinner after office. She obliged, but she told me that I drop by first in their office, because she can only go out at around 8 pm. I said yes, then when I arrived in their office, all people are already out and only me and Michelle is around. I approached her but she's still busy with her work. After 15 minutes, I approach her again and without saying anything, I grab her breast and she smiled at me. After some torrid kissing and mashing, I asked her to go out because I'm hungry. Michelle got back to me and said 'Can I be your dinner?'. Owwwwss I replied. She slowly put down her pants and showed me her shaved kiks and then she spread her legs wide open. Oh boy, it looks so delicious and sweet. I readily put her kiks on my mouth and eat it like a hungry lion. Michelle was so noisy and it encourages me to do more. I positioned her on a dog style and leek her ass and she love it. After that, she turn on me, she suck my dick and eat my balls. When my dick was hard already, I asked her that we do dog style, she gamely positioned herself. I insterted my dick on his ass and she did not react. It seems that it's her first time to experience because her asshole is still stiff, but oh boy she loves it so I continue. I told her when I about to come, and she waited. When my juice pops out, she put it on her mouth and eat it like a jelly. Michelle is really on hell of a girl. More to come.........